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10 ESG goals and progress Performance trends can be found in the Wells Fargo ESG Goals and Performance Data (PDF) . As a leading global financial services company, we have a significant role to play in helping to address social, economic, and environmental challenges . In 2016, we established an integrated, companywide corporate responsibility strategy that included an ambitious set of goals to leverage our products and services, culture and business practices, and philanthropy to help address these global challenges over a five-year period . We are excited to announce that we’ve achieved nearly all of our 2020 goals, and that we are in the process of reevaluating our long-term commitments so we can take an active role in addressing pressing societal challenges . Our ESG Goals and Performance Data (PDF) reflects final progress toward our 2016-2020 goals . As we move forward, we continue to explore opportunities to deliver solutions that make an impact . In 2021, we committed to deploying $500 billion in sustainable financing by 2030 and set a goal to achieve net-zer o greenhouse gas emissions — including financed emissions — by 2050 . To help meet this ambitious goal, Wells F argo plans to measure and disclose financed emissions for select carbon-intensive por tfolios; set interim emission reduction targets; deploy more capital to finance climate innovation; and continue to work wi th our clients on their own emissions reduction efforts . We have launched an Institute for Sustainable Finance to manage our $500 billion commitment, as well as to suppor t science-based research on low- carbon solutions and adv ocate for policies that enable client transitions .

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