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92 References and resources Corporate Annual Report and Proxy Statement ( https://www .wellsfargo .com/about/investor-relations/annual-reports/ ) Board Committees and Charters ( https://www .wellsfargo .com/about/corporate/governance/ ) By-laws of Wells Fargo & Company (PDF) ( https://www08 .wellsfargomedia .com/assets/pdf/about/corporate/governance-by-laws .pdf ) Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (PDF) ( https://www08 .wellsfargomedia .com/assets/pdf/about/corporate/code-of-ethics .pdf ) Corporate Governance Guidelines (PDF) ( https://www08 .wellsfargomedia .com/assets/pdf/about/corporate/governance-guidelines .pdf ) Government Relations and Public Policy (https:// www .wellsfargo .com/about/corporate-responsibility/government-relations/) History of Wells Fargo ( https://www .wellsfargo .com/about/corporate/history/ ) Leadership and Governance ( https://www .wellsfargo .com/about/corporate/governance/ ) Online Newsroom ( https://newsroom .wf .com/ ) Wells Fargo Stories ( https://stories .wf .com/?cid=vty ) Wells Fargo Today Quarterly Fact Sheet (PDF) ( https://www08 .wellsfargomedia .com/assets/pdf/about/corporate/wells-fargo-today .pdf )

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