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13 COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives and we continue to navigate the challenges presented by the pandemic . From the beginning, we’ve prioritized the urgent needs of our employees, customers, and communities, working tirelessly to address the many challenges we’ve faced during the pandemic . We remain dedicated to working toward an inclusive and enduring recovery . Helping customers Customers’ needs shifted greatly during the pandemic . In response, we increased system capacity, enhanced automation, and created new features to allow customers to easily access banking and payment options . Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen increased digital engagement with current and new customers, including adoption of our mobile and online offerings . The pandemic also highlighted the importance of Wells Fargo’s support for small businesses . In July 2020, we established the Open for Business Fund . We deferred approximately $420 million of Small Business Administration Continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic We’ve implemented a broad range of initiatives to help our employees, customers, and communities during the COVID-19 crisis. You’ll find personal accounts and stories on Wells Fargo Stories. processing fees in 2020 that will be recognized as interest income over the terms of the loans . We voluntarily committed to donate all of the gross processing fees received from Paycheck Protection Program loans funded in 2020 . Through June 30, 2021, we donated approximately $234 million of these processing fees to nonprofit organizations that support small businesses . Through the Open for Business Fund, we strive to engage nonprofit organizations to provide capital, technical support, and long-term resiliency programs to small businesses, with an emphasis on those owned by diverse entrepreneurs . Customers can access additional information available through Wells Fargo’s COVID-19 resources website .

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