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49 Culture At Wells Fargo, we aim to meet the highest standards of integrity and operational excellence to deliver what’s expected of us by our stakeholders . Our past provides perspective and guidance, but we’re moving with urgency and optimism toward our future . Approaching our work in new ways and challenging past perspectives helps us make the most of the opportunities that exist across all of our businesses . We’re transforming the way we run the company and redefining parts of our culture to be more effective . We understand the importance of organizational culture, and we want ours to be the reason that employees choose to join and stay at Wells Fargo, communities welcome us to their neighborhood, and customers are proud to do business with us . We are listening to our employees and acting on their feedback . We regularly survey employees to understand what is working and where we have opportunities to improve . Based on their feedback, we’ve made enhancements to our compensation and benefits programs, time-away policies, and other programs . From December 2019 to December 2020, we have seen a growth of nine points regarding employee sentiment around our commitment to customers . Investing in our employees To provide clear direction and help define what success looks like, in 2020 we introduced a set of common expectations that guide how we lead ourselves, collaborate with our colleagues, and make decisions, and they apply to everyone at Wells Fargo, at every level, and in every role: Embrace candor Do what’s right Be great at execution Learn and grow Champion diversity, equity, and inclusion Build high-performing teams (for managers) Our expectations are more than just words on paper . They’re part of our culture and ingrained in everything we do — from how we develop employees and communicate, to how we evaluate our performance and serve our customers . To hold everyone accountable, the expectations constitute the “leading our transformation” performance objective that must be documented and acknowledged by every employee at Wells Fargo .

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