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15 Our Board is committed to sound and effective corporate governance practices and our efforts to transform its culture . We expect our management team and employees to share a common understanding of expectations in order to create a more consistent culture — doing what’s right, acting with integrity, and holding ourselves accountable . Board of Directors The Board remains focused on continual enhancement of its composition, oversight, and governance practices, and on Board succession planning to enable it to continue to oversee the company and its business effectively . Over the past few years, the Board has undergone significant refreshment to enhance the financial services, regulatory, financial reporting, business operations, and corporate governance skills and experiences represented on the Board . Our Board has adopted Corporate Governance Guidelines (PDF) to provide the framework for the governance of our Board and our company . These guidelines address many matters, including the role of our Board, membership criteria, director retirement and resignation policies, Director Independence Standards, information about Board committees, and other policies and procedures of our Board, including the majority vote standard for directors, management succession planning, our Board’s leadership structure, and director compensation . Corporate governance and ethics Performance trends can be found in the Wells Fargo ESG Goals and Performance Data (PDF) .

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