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Podczas ważnych świąt i uroczystości państwowych grodziscy rabini byli proszeni do odprawiania nabożeństw w synagodze. The Jewish Religious Community was located at 8 Berka Joselewicza Street and 5A 11 Listopada Street and occupied a really large area. Using the data from the 1930s, there was not only a synagogue on its premises, but also Gmilus Chesed (Jewish interest-free credit union), the of昀椀ce of the Jewish Community with the Board’s of昀椀ce, a mikvah, a wooden building of the Talmud-Torah school, a hekdesh with a separate pre-burial house. The brick bet midrash, which was built with great problems at the beginning of the 20th century on the initiative of Szlomo Mąka, was located in close proximity to the synagogue and survived World War II, the Polish People’s Republic and free Poland. It was demolished relatively recently. There were also lodgings for tenants on the premises of the Jewish Community of Grodzisk. At 5a 11 Listopada Street, in turn, there was a special passage from the main street along the city artery to the synagogue square. In 1938, the Jewish Community had as many as 7 properties. The essence of the importance of the Jewish Community of Grodzisk, apart from several hundred years of history and the pre- sence of Jews in Grodzisk and the years when Jews constituted a larger percentage of the city’s population, is also evidenced by the fact that in the 1930s members of the Community Board were in the Chaim Dawid Malinicki, rabin Grodziska do ok. 1932 roku. City Council. They were Zurich Rajnberg and Chaim Jakubowicz. Źródło: Ganzach Kiddush Hashem Chaim Dawid Malinicki, rabbi of Grodzisk until around 1932. During important holidays and state celebrations, the rabbis of Source: Ganzach Kiddush Hashem Хаїм Давид Малініцький, рабин Гродзіська приблизно до 1932 року. Grodzisk were asked to celebrate services in the synagogue. Джерело: Ганзах Кідуш Хашем Zawiadomienie Zarządu Gminy Wyznaniowej Żydowskiej w Grodzisku o śmierci rabina Malinickiego. Źródło: Ganzach Kiddush Hashem Notice of Jewish Community of Grodzisk Board upon the death of Rabbi Malinicki. Source: Ganzach Kiddush Hashem Повідомлення правління Єврейської громади Гродзіська про смерть рабина Малініцького. Джерело: Ганзах Кідуш Хашем 30 31

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