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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 68 Trust Autodesk is committed to continually evolving ● Responsible use of AI/ML – We are committed to using AI and improving our practices to earn customer and ML responsibly to support our business and our trust in how we handle their data. In doing so, customers. To that end, we have created a data ethics program we can innovate and create data-driven and associated enablement function to assess AI projects opportunities and solutions that are beneficial and to ensure best practices are used in the development and to customers and consumers. deployment of these capabilities. ● International data transfers – We transfer data across borders to optimize the benefits of our products and services for Our approach includes: customers and take measures to protect the privacy and ● Privacy – We are committed to protecting the privacy of the security of these data flows. personal data our customers entrust to us and to using this data ● Public policy – We believe governments have a key role to to deliver insights and value back to them—not as a product play in ensuring responsible and ethical collection and use to sell to others. Our approach to data privacy is centered of data. We support and are engaged with governments in on establishing trust, providing transparency, and enabling their efforts to develop public policies aimed at protecting customer control for their data. See Privacy. data privacy, bolstering data security, ensuring private and ● Data security – We use a combination of process, technology, secure international data transfers, fostering responsible and security controls, and collaborate with industry partners development and use of AI and ML, and other key areas of to deliver a robust security program. We implement security trusted data practices. policies based on industry best practices and regularly conduct ● Availability and recovery – We believe availability and recovery internal and external audits, attestations, and third-party are key ingredients to delivering high-quality products and security assessments. See Data security. services that customers want to buy and renew and continue to trust with their data.

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