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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 39 Advance industries Accelerate Shape collaboration policies Challenges such as refugee crises brought on by war, dislocation following natural Investing for climate change–resilient buildings Improving water management, resiliency, disasters, and poor water quality and availability undermine health and resilience and infrastructure and cleanliness worldwide. These multifaceted issues require broad collective action to address, and we collaborate with innovative partners from the private and public sectors to scale Current infrastructure is aging, and demands are rising for new investments in the Autodesk believes that everyone deserves reliable access to clean water. Yet the water our impact. During 2021, we also worked with industry organizations such as World built environment to sustainably support a growing global population while reducing sector faces many challenges to better manage water infrastructure and supply with Geospatial Industry Council and ACEC to shape practices and standards that will greenhouse gas emissions. Communities are increasingly at risk of extreme weather limited budgets, including mitigating the increased impacts of climate change, such as bring more resilience to global infrastructure and the built environment. events resulting from climate change, as well as sea-level rise, flooding, and water flooding and drought, and addressing water contamination. Twenty-five percent of the We are proud to be members of collaborative organizations, including: scarcity. Autodesk supports policies that promote investment in the design and global population lives in countries with extremely high water stress—including the construction of sustainable infrastructure and buildings that improve preparedness for 6 United States. In addition, 1.6 billion people face the risk of increased flooding by and mitigate climate-related impacts and create more livable, resilient communities, 7 2050 due to climate change. including by using digital technologies to achieve these goals. As existing water infrastructure ages, and water management challenges grow, digital smart water tools offer an opportunity for governments and policymakers to help unlock more efficient, safer, and more sustainable water systems. We advocate for robust public During fiscal year 2022, we supported the investment in water, paired with policies that promote technology and innovation in water Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, infrastructure delivery to improve outcomes and solve critical issues. This can enhance data management and predictive maintenance, advance digital green infrastructure design, legislation that made historic investments in and improve water quality and environmental stewardship. We work with innovative water and transportation infrastructure with partners from the private and public sectors to improve access to clean water for all. a focus on GHG emissions reduction, climate change mitigation, resilience, equity, and safety. Learn more

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