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BRAND GUIDELINES Version 09-2020

INTRODUCTION These guidelines explain how to use Reddit assets in a way that stays true to our brand. In most cases, you’ll need to get our permission first. 03 Using this guide 08 Brand family 09 Social icons 10 Version 09-2020 02 Reddit logo Snoo 14 Brand colors 19 Reddit Brand Terms of Use 16 Terminology 18 General usage

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REDDIT LOGO The Snoo head logo is used on all above the line marketing materials and on our products. The logo is a stylized smiling alien head, a.k.a. Snoo, Reddit‘s mascot. Snoo represents Reddit’s friendly, conversational community aspect. The logo background is Orangered (FF4500, PMS 172 C), Reddit’s primary brand color, chosen for its vibrancy & distinctiveness. The Snoo head is always blank, like a canvas. Reddit logo Version 09-2020 03

Reddit wordmark Whenever possible, Reddit’s icon and wordmark should appear together. Reddit’s wordmark is a refined variation on its classic logo. The rounded letters and shorter “i” reflect the brand’s friendly, whimsical nature. The dot on the “i” is Orangered (FF4500, PMS 172 C) and oversized, recalling Snoo’s eyes. The wordmark should be aligned with the Snoo in the horizontal lockup, and the safe area determines relative placement in both configurations. REDDIT LOGO Version 09-2020 04

Clear space Make sure to leave enough space around the icon and the wordmark, so that they are distinct from other elements on the page. Safe space around the icon and lockups should be at least 140% of the icon size. REDDIT LOGO Version 09-2020 140% 140% 05

Treatments Whenever possible, use a Snoo head icon lockup with the wordmark. The Snoo icon can only be used alone on our platform or as a share icon. Otherwise it should always be accompanied by the wordmark or alongside a headline or other copy mentioning Reddit explicitly. The Snoo head should always appear blank or neutral with darker eyes and mouth. Never invert the Snoo icon. When our brand appears on a field of OrangeRed, it is differentiated with a white stroke around the icon. REDDIT LOGO Version 09-2020 VERTICAL LOCKUP HORIZONTAL LOCKUP VERTICAL LOCKUP ON DARK BACKGROUND HORIZONTAL LOCKUP ON DARK BACKGROUND VERTICAL LOCKUP ON ORANGERED BACKGROUND HORIZONTAL LOCKUP ON ORANGERED BACKGROUND VERTICAL LOCKUP ON PHOTO BACKGROUND HORIZONTAL LOCKUP ON PHOTO BACKGROUND 06

DON’T RECOLOR THE LOGO DON’T USE CLASSIC SNOO IN PLACE OF THE LOGO DON’T DISTORT THE SNOO HEAD DON’T OUTLINE THE SNOO HEAD DON’T REVERSE OUT THE LOGO DON’T REDRAW THE SNOO HEAD Improper use It is important that the Reddit logo and wordmark appear in a consistent manner. Please use one of the variations we provide, and never redraw the Snoo head logo or the Reddit wordmark. DON’T USE ANOTHER TYPEFACE DON’T RECOLOR THE WORDMARK DON’T DISTORT THE WORDMARK DON’T OUTLINE THE WORDMARK REDDIT LOGO Version 09-2020 07

Brand family BRAND FAMILY ads Product logomarks that are part of the Reddit family are generally lockups of the logo with the product name. In some cases the logo has been customized for the product by accessorizing the stylized Snoo and modifying the primary color. Version 09-2020 08

When linking to Reddit with a graphic, please use our provided social icons, which appear in round, square, and silhouette variants. When it appears in color, our icon should always appear in Reddit Orangered (FF4500, PMS 172 C), and never appear at sizes smaller than 24x24 pixels. Social icons MINIMUM 24PX VARIANTS SOCIAL ICONS Version 09-2020 09

SNOO Snoo, the Reddit mascot, is a genderless alien who represents discovery and understanding across communities. Snoo embodies the people who use our services. Snoo can can time travel. It runs. It hugs. It dresses up. It plays ice hockey. Snoo does not speak. It communicates non-verbally using its antenna, which may have wi-fi capabilities. Illustrations of Snoo should not be used in place of the official Reddit Snoo head logo. Snoo 10 Version 09-2020

SNOO Keep these specifications in mind whenever creating artwork of Snoo. Snoo can have a variety of facial expressions, and the curve and bend of the antenna helps to show emotion. For certain expressions such as a grin, Snoo may gain teeth or a tongue. But when not expressing emotion, Snoo may have no mouth at all. Similarly, Snoo’s hands normally have no digits and resemble mittens. However, when needed a hint of thumb or index finger may appear for certain hand positions, such as pointing. Proportions SNOO’S IS TWO HEADS TALL ARMS ONLY EXTEND THE WIDTH OF SNOO’S HEAD EYES SIT ON THE CENTER LINE OF SNOO’S HEAD SNOO’S BODY IS BEAN-SHAPED SMALL SNOUT AND CHEEKS 3FT / 90CM 11 Version 09-2020

SNOO Custom Snoos represent the people who use Reddit and their communities. They showcase the diversity of our audience and their character, backgrounds, and passions. Custom Snoos can be customized with accessories, hairstyles, eye and skin colors, and costumes to reflect the people and interests they represent. Custom Snoos cannot be customized with anything that would break Reddit’s content policy, that the average person may find highly offensive or upsetting, that defames or insults Reddit, or is determined to be inappropriate, at Reddit’s sole discretion. Custom Snoos are subject to review by Reddit. Reddit users can customize their own Snoo using the Avatar builder in their profile. Custom Snoos 12 Version 09-2020

SNOO We occasionally work with brands to create custom Snoos to represent them on Reddit. Brand Snoos requires a license and are intended to represent fans of a brand on Reddit. Brand Snoos can wear costumes but does not associate with anything that would break Reddit’s content policy, that the average person may find highly offensive or upsetting, or that defames or insults Reddit. Brand Snoos can be used in on -platform advertising and may be used off-platform to promote a brand’s fan community on Reddit. Custom brand Snoos are subject to review by Reddit. Brand Snoos 13 Version 09-2020 10

BRAND COLORS Our palette is at the core of our identity and is essential for recognition of our brand. Our primary brand color is OrangeRed, which originated as Snoo’s eye color. When used with our range of neutrals, OrangeRed creates a striking focal point for any layout. We recommend using OrangeRed sparingly, representing approximately 10% of the color surface in a design layout or document. Brand colors BELUGA HEX FFFFFF PMS WHITE DUGONG HEX F2F6F7 PMS 9062 C DOLPHIN HEX D7DFE2 PMS 7541 C SEAL HEX B8C7CC PMS 428 CP NARWHAL HEX 7A9299 PMS 3526 C ORCA HEX 1B2426 PMS 532 CP ORANGERED HEX FF4500 PMS 172 C 14 Version 09-2020

BRAND COLORS Our illustration colors were chosen to complement our primary brand color, OrangeRed. Secondary illustration colors provide variations on the primary illustration tones and can be used to add depth to a layout. Illustration colors 15 Version 09-2020 HEDGEHOG HEX EAD49D PMS 7402 C SLOTH HEX C18D42 PMS 4026 C QUOKKA HEX 6D482 PMS 4026 CF LEMONADE HEX FFF1B6 PMS 7499 CP BANANA HEX FFD635 PMS 122 C GOLD HEX DDBD37 PMS 4016 C MANGO HEX FEB331 PMS 7549 C LIT HEX FF8717 PMS 151 C ALERT HEX EA0027 PMS 185 C SAKURA HEX FF99AA PMS 3572 C NEON HEX FF439D PMS 178 C BERRY HEX B70455 PMS 241 C PERIWINKLE HEX 7193FF PMS 7452 C ALIEN HEX 0078EF PMS 2173 C SPACE HEX 02315C PMS 648 C MINT HEX 14D8C3 PMS 3255 C MODERATOR HEX 46D160 PMS 7488 C OCEAN HEX 008985 PMS 7717 C SECONDARY ILLUSTRATION COLORS PRIMARY ILLUSTRATION COLORS ORANGERED HEX FF4500 PMS 172 C

Reddit users can ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ content the community contributes. The more upvotes a piece of content receives, the higher it will appear. Voting BRAND VOICE Our language preferences are the result of research and are designed to help people understand Reddit better. Most of these recommend a primary term that is more universally understood and should be used initially in communications, before introducing synonyms. This is the name for our platform and for the company. Do not refer to it as a ‘site’ or ‘website,’ instead call it a platform or app. Always capitalize Reddit. Reddit A person who uses Reddit is a Reddit user. Names on Reddit are preceded by ‘u/’which is an abbreviation of ‘username.’ For example, “u/spez.” A username may also be referred to as a “Reddit profile” or “Reddit account.” Reddit users The various discussion spaces on Reddit should be referred to as ‘Reddit communities’, or simply ‘communities’. Reddit community names are preceded by ‘r/’ which is an abbreviation for Reddit. For example, “the r/skincareaddiction community.” Communities Terminology 16 Version 09-2020

BRAND VOICE Every Reddit user’s personalized feed of content is their ‘Home’ feed. Trending content from communities they are subscribed to and Reddit users they follow appear here. Avoid referring to this as the ‘front page’ to reduce confusion. Reddit users ‘join’ a community to see posts from that community in their Home feed. Reddit users ‘follow’ other users to see their posts. Join, follow Reddit users accrue ‘karma’ when they participate on Reddit. Karma is a score that increases as a Reddit user’s posts and comments get upvoted. Karma Snoo is Reddit’s smiling alien mascot. Snoo’s name is a play on “what’s new”. When referring to our mascot, ‘Snoo’ should be capitalized. Snoo can also generally refer to its alien race, who are collectively known as ‘Snoos’. Snoo Home feed Content Reddit users have shared and discussions they have had on Reddit appear on their ‘profile’. For example, “u/spez’s profile”. Profile The ‘front page’ is our Popular feed where top content is aggregated from across thousands of active communities on Reddit. “Making the front page” means that a piece of content has become popular enough to be featured in this feed. Front page A Reddit ‘post’ is the broad term for any content shared on Reddit, whether it is a story, link, image, poll or video. Posts The ‘comments’ sit below posts and are where Reddit users have public discussions. Comments 17 Version 09-2020

Read and comply with the Reddit Brand Terms of Use (see page 18) As applicable, follow the Reddit Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and any other relevant agreements • • Don’t use the brand assets in connection with material that would violate the Reddit Content Policy Don’t use the brand assets to disparage Reddit or Reddit’s products or services • • Use the brand assets to refer to Reddit and its products and services Don’t use the brand assets in a way that suggests partnership or endorsement by Reddit • • Our brand reflects how we want to be thought of and remembered. Consistent look, sound, and feel ensures a better awareness and connection to Reddit. Whenever using the Reddit brand, be sure to follow these key principles. GENERAL USAGE Follow terms & agreements Download our official brand asset graphics Don’t modify the brand asset graphics or use modified versions you might find on the internet Use official Reddit graphics Talk about, not as, Reddit Restricted contexts Version 09-2020 General usage • • 18

19 Version 09-2020 Reddit brand terms of use REDDIT BRAND TERMS OF USE “Reddit” means Reddit, Inc. “Brand Assets” means the Snoo character and depictions thereof, all versions of the Reddit logo and wordmarks, and any other word, name, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of Reddit’s products or services. “Terms” means these Reddit Brand Terms of Use. “Guidelines” means these Brand Guidelines, including these Reddit Brand Terms of Use. By using the Brand Assets with Reddit’s permission, you agree to be bound by these Terms. To the extent these Terms conflict with a separate agreement between you and Reddit, that agreement controls. The Brand Assets are protected by trademark, copyright, and other laws. Reddit owns trademarks and copyrights in the United States and other countries. All commercial use of Reddit's Brand Assets is reserved for Reddit and its licensed partners. If Reddit has expressly approved your request to use one or more Brand Assets, then Reddit grants you a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable, revocable license to use the specific Brand Assets you identified in the request solely in the manner you described and solely for the purpose you disclosed. Strict compliance with the Guidelines is required at all times, and any use of the Brand Assets in violation of the Guidelines will automatically terminate your license to use the Brand Assets. Reddit may also withhold or revoke permission to use Brand Assets at any time for any reason. You acknowledge that Reddit is the exclusive owner of all rights in the Brand Assets. Goodwill generated by your use of the Brand Assets will inure to the sole benefit of Reddit. You agree not to take any action that is in conflict with Reddit’s rights in or ownership of the Brand Assets. Reddit in its sole discretion may modify or terminate the Guidelines or the Brand Assets at any time without notice. Reddit’s waiver or failure to enforce a breach of any provision of the Guidelines is not a waiver of that provision. California law governs all matters arising out of this agreement without regard to conflict of law principles. Reddit reserves the right to revoke personal/non-commercial use of its trademarks and copyrights for any reason. This includes removing the community styling privileges from subreddits whose use of Reddit’s trademarks and copyrights violates this policy (or the Reddit Content Policy) or is determined to be inappropriate, at Reddit’s sole discretion. If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact [email protected].