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2. Trademarks 3. Don’t use a Slack Asset as a substitute for your own c. Screenshots — if you don’t have a logo, please do not co-opt i. Screenshots of the Slack software and website are per- ours mitted for instructive, educational, or illustrative purpos- 4. Don’t overprint or obstruct any part of the logo es 5. Don’t add special effects to the logo, including ii. Don’t alter screenshots, except to resize animation iii. Don’t include screenshots in your product user interface 6. Don’t use old versions or any other marks or logos to iv. Don’t use screenshots that contain third-party content represent our brand without the permission of the third party 7. Don’t distribute or otherwise make available our v. Don’t use screenshots that contain an image of an logos, marks, or assets identifiable individual or other personally identifiable 8. Don’t crop the logo information 9. Don’t outline logotype 10. Don’t rotate any part of the logo 11. Don’t distort the logo 12. Don’t use drop shadows or any other effects 13. Don’t re-create using any other typeface 14. Don’t change the transparency of the logo 15. Don’t shuffle around the colors of the octothorpe 16. Don’t use different colors 17. Don’t change the size or orientation of the octothorpe and logotype in relation to each other 18. No disparaging or objectionable use is permitted 54 Slack Brand Guidelines Design Elements

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