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Communities Fiscal year 2021 2020 Corporate donations $250M+ $250M+ Number of employee donors 45,000 3 53,000 3. In FY2021, we strengthened our program’s eligibility requirements so that volunteer hours clearly supported charitable organizations. As a result, some activities that were previously eligible then became ineligible. Governance Calendar year 2021 2020 Employees completing business conduct training 98% 98% Apple training courses completed 902,000 555,000 Hours spent on Apple-recommended and required trainings 432,000 296,000 Read more about compliance and ethics at Apple on page 71 . Suppliers Fiscal year 2021 2020 Supplier employees trained on their rights since 2008 23.6 million 21.5 million Recruitment fees paid back by suppliers to their employees since 2008 $33.2 million $32.4 million Supplier employees directly engaged about their workplace experiences, through interviews and satisfaction surveys 352,589 254,265 Assessments conducted 1,177 1 1,121 2 Identified 3TG, cobalt, and lithium smelters and refiners participated in independent, third-party audits 100% 100% 1. Apple reports 3TG smelter and refiner assessment information on a calendar year per U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requirements. See our annual Conflict Minerals Report by visiting supplier-responsibility/. 2. This number is for calendar year. Read more and see additional data about our suppliers on page 36 and in People and Environment in Our Supply Chain . Calendar year Training 2021 2020 Inclusion and diversity training 185,000 129,000 Read more and see additional data about growth and development at Apple on page 26 . Appendix Governance Communities Suppliers Customers Our People Environment Introduction Apple’s 2022 ESG Report 83

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