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EHS management systems To provide a safe and sustainable environment for our teams, our EHS programs are built to share information about risks, requirements, and expectations for all workers. Our EHS policy outlines our commitment to workplace safety and environmental stewardship, and it establishes the principles that integrate effective EHS practices into all aspects of our business. The EHS policy is communicated through mandatory training for all new employees and through our internal EHS website. Apple’s EHS leadership team, including Apple’s EHS director, is responsible for establishing priorities, determining annual work plans, and assigning resources to implement high-quality services in all geographies where we operate. Certifications Our operations in Cork, Ireland, are certified to ISO14001, an international standard for environmental management systems. And Apple’s Taiwan Technology Center is certified to ISO45001 for occupational health and safety management systems, and working toward ISO14001 certifications in 2022. Inspections Our EHS inspections serve to both identify potential safety hazards and ensure that we’re following our internal processes to mitigate them. To support this work, Apple formalized our existing inspections program by launching enterprise-wide software, which allows users to create mobile inspections and then carry out inspections and safety compliance audits. The tool also captures observations, findings, and corrective actions. Our inspections tool was deployed globally to 1050 users across various retail and corporate locations, including Apple Store locations, general office spaces, R&D labs, kitchens and cafés, data centers, construction sites, and laser labs. Training In 2021, Apple employees completed 68,249 hours of safety training. Apple currently offers 304 safety courses or trainings to our employees. Our EHS management systems are designed to provide a safe environment for teams across Apple. Appendix Governance Communities Suppliers Customers Our P eople Environment Introduction Apple’s 2022 ESG Report 35

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