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Education Access to education is a human right, and we work hard to ensure that our resources are used to uplift communities around the world, creating opportunities for educators and students to gain coding skills and unlock creativity. Our efforts also support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including goal 4 on access to education, goal 8 on decent jobs, and goal 10 on reducing inequality (see Appendix page 75 ). Community Education Initiative Inspired by the impact of our ConnectED initiative and programs like Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code, we launched our Community Education Initiative (CEI) in 2019 with a focus on expanding learning opportunities in communities that are historically underrepresented and underresourced in technology. CEI partners with K–12 and higher education institutions, community-based organizations, and nonprofits to bring coding, creativity, and workforce development opportunities to educators and learners of all ages. CEI aims to build knowledge and skills for high-demand, high-growth technical careers alongside communities that have been traditionally underresourced to advance education equity. Our support includes hardware grants, monetary grants to support scholarships and programming, resources for educator training, curriculum development, and employee engagement opportunities. Through educational partnerships across the U.S., we’ve been able to reach tens of thousands of students and educators who might not have had access to our technology and education resources. As of April 2022, we’ve supported and partnered with 147 education institutions and nonprofit organizations — including 47 HBCUs — in over 500 different locations across 36 states in the U.S. and four locations across the UK since the initiative launched in 2019. Grounded in the positive relationships that we’ve established with these organizations, we’re working to deepen our impact in three areas: Educator development: We’re providing educator development and training opportunities to build the knowledge and skills that educators need to teach coding in underrepresented communities through Teacher Coding Academies and the CEI Learning Series. These programs allow hundreds of teachers from around the U.S. to meet virtually and in person to share best practices for integrating and teaching coding and creativity concepts. Through our Academies and CEI Learning Series, we’re connecting CEI educators with Apple Distinguished Educators from all around the world. Apple Distinguished Educators lead and participate in learning workshops, along with our Apple Professional Learning Specialists. Out-of-school-time learning: We’re partnering with nonprofits, NGOs, and community-based organizations that provide out-of-school-time learning experiences to increase exposure, awareness, and experiences through coding and creativity. A new collaboration between Apple and Boys & Girls Clubs of America will bring coding with Swift to tens of thousands of young learners across the country. Appendix Governance Communities Suppliers Customers Our People Environment Introduction Apple’s 2022 ESG Report 62

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