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Export and sanctions Apple is committed to compliance with applicable export and sanctions laws, and the requirements that apply to Apple and its employees are clearly set out in Apple’s Export and Sanctions policies. We also provide internal resources for employees to help them understand applicable laws and how to report possible violations. Antitrust and competition Apple is committed to conducting business in compliance with competition laws around the world. Misconduct and violations of Apple’s Antitrust and Competition Law Policy and the law must promptly be reported to our Antitrust Compliance Officer or to the Business Conduct team. Apple’s Antitrust Compliance Officer, together with Apple’s General Counsel and Apple’s Chief Compliance Officer, regularly reports to the Audit and Finance Committee of the Board on matters including the Antitrust Compliance Program’s alignment with potential antitrust risks, as well as the effectiveness of the program’s design in detecting and preventing antitrust issues and promoting compliance with laws and Apple’s policies. Public policy advocacy Apple engages in policy discussions where they matter to our business and customers. Our Public Policy Advocacy website defines our position on corporate political contributions and describes how Apple participates in public debate in the United States through direct and indirect advocacy. Apple does not make political contributions to individual candidates or parties, and we do not have a political action committee. Any political contributions made by Apple are made in the interests of the company and without regard for the private political preferences of individual executives or employees. Political contributions are promptly reported publicly on Apple’s website. Reporting concerns Our employees are required to speak up about any violation of Apple’s Business Conduct Policy, other Apple policies, or legal or regulatory requirements, and we make it easy for employees and third parties to report concerns. Our employees can contact Apple’s Business Conduct team by phone, email, or web form. Apple’s third-party reporting service, EthicsPoint, is also available to employees and external parties to report concerns to the Business Conduct team, and provides the option of anonymous reporting, where permissible under local law. The external reporting service is available 24/7, and provides a multilingual reporting option with local, toll- free numbers. Business Conduct partners with appropriate teams at Apple to investigate concerns and determine appropriate resolutions, including corrective action up to and including termination where necessary. Apple will not retaliate — and will not tolerate retaliation — against any individual for reporting a good-faith concern or complaint, or for participating in the investigation of any complaint. Tax payments Taxes play a necessary and important role in our society and Apple believes every corporation has a responsibility to pay all the taxes they owe. As one of the largest taxpayers in the world, we comply with the law wherever we operate and pay taxes on everything we earn around the world. Over the past decade, Apple has paid more than $120 billion in corporate income taxes — and our annual effective tax rate was 22 percent on average. 26 The Audit and Finance Committee of the Board of Directors regularly reviews and discusses Apple’s reports on tax matters from Apple’s Chief Financial Officer, General Counsel, the heads of global Tax, Business Assurance, and Internal Audit, and Apple’s independent auditor. These reports include, among other matters, updates on significant domestic and international tax-related developments, worldwide tax audits, international tax structure, international tax policy, and other tax-related legislative matters. Appendix Governance Communities Suppliers Customers Our People Environment Introduction Apple’s 2022 ESG Report 72

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