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Protecting each other’s health At every stage of the pandemic, our first priority has always been the health of our teams, customers, and communities. That meant being one of the first companies to close our offices and retail stores, and finding innovative ways to connect with colleagues and customers virtually. Since 2020, we’ve continued our efforts and programs to support our people. We adopted CDC recommendations around up-to-date vaccinations, including booster doses. Apple also continued to pay our teams during temporary store and office closures, expanded our paid leave policies, and enhanced our policies and procedures for a safe work environment — both in the office and in-store. To keep our teams informed, we deployed comprehensive resources with up-to-date COVID-19 information, including a dedicated platform for teams returning to the office. COVID-19 case support, implemented for all team members, included return-to-work guidance and contact tracing, with the utmost regard for employee privacy. We continue to offer special sick leave for employees with possible COVID-19 symptoms, as well as comprehensive health coverage. To continue to manage our response going forward, we created a dedicated pandemic response team in 2022 in addition to the cross-functional team that has been supporting and guiding our COVID response. The new response team will support future pandemic planning and response. Innovating to support our customers Despite all of the pandemic’s challenges, we brought our hardware, software, and services into customers’ hands, helping them stay informed, connected, and entertained. We also tailored our services to promote easy access to trusted information on COVID-19: launching a dedicated section on Apple News; prioritizing visibility of essential services locations — including COVID-19 testing and vaccination locations — on Apple Maps; offering a curated collection of telehealth apps on the App Store; and leveraging Siri to provide the latest COVID-19 guidance. To meet the extraordinary challenges of virtual education, we delivered new content and services for students, parents, and teachers to foster creativity and learning in a digital environment. We worked with mobile carriers and school administrators to deliver iPad devices with cellular support for students in need. With our Apple Card Customer Assistance Program, we also offered customers the option to skip their monthly payments without incurring interest. Across many of our Apple Store locations, we were able to serve our customers’ needs through contactless pickup, express storefronts, and new online support. Our response to COVID-19 is still ongoing, and we’re committed to implementing health protocols and adjusting store operations as required based on available data and guidance from health officials. Apple’s COVID-19 response The health of our teams, customers, and communities continues to be our first priority. Appendix Governance Communities Suppliers Customers Our P eople Environment Introduction Apple’s 2022 ESG Report 31

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