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Education and professional development Through our global supply chain, we create opportunities for people around the world, including by helping to close skills gaps in manufacturing, and by helping to prepare workers across our supply chain for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Supplier Employee Development Fund and Apple Education Hub In March 2022, we announced a $50 million Supplier Employee Development Fund to amplify worker voice and expand access to learning and skill development opportunities to more people in our supply chain and surrounding communities. Part of this commitment will support new and expanded labor programs reaching more than 3.5 million supplier employees in over 40 countries, aided by our strategic partners, including the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). As part of this fund, we also launched the Apple Education Hub, informed by our previous supplier employee learning and development programs, which 5 million supplier employees have taken advantage of since 2008. In partnership with local educational institutions and NGOs, the Apple Education Hub will provide a scalable solution through virtual- first learning, to promote and develop the skills necessary for the future of work in our supply chain and surrounding communities. With initial programming to begin in the Apple’s $50 million Supplier Employee Development Fund will expand access to learning opportunities and skills development for people across its supply chain. Using our purchasing power for good For Apple, our work to make our company more inclusive extends to how we choose the businesses we work with. When contracting with suppliers, we use our purchasing power to increase diversity in our supply chain and change outdated norms that hurt those who are underrepresented in their field or industry. Apple’s award-winning Supplier Diversity program, established in 1993, actively engages suppliers from historically underrepresented communities. We have policies and procedures that require diverse supplier participation during early-stage sourcing, key performance indicators to measure company success, and diversity awareness trainings for our global sourcing team members and related Apple business units. In 2016, Apple was the first Silicon Valley–based company to be invited into the Billion Dollar Roundtable (BDR) in recognition of our long-standing commitment to promoting diversity within our supplier base. BDR celebrates corporations that achieved spending of at least $1 billion with minority- and woman-owned businesses. In calendar year 2021, Apple spent over $7.1 billion with diverse suppliers around the world. Our Supplier Diversity program offers support to participating suppliers and seeks active engagement in industry diversity leadership activities. For example, supplier development has been a long-standing commitment within Apple’s supply chain, which is facilitated internally and externally. Externally, we partner with major universities to provide executive development and capacity building to key diverse suppliers. And we’re proud to have supported Michigan State University and Howard University on creating their first programs for diverse supplier development. A highlight of 2021 was that for the first time we engaged diverse suppliers in North America in manufacturing accessories for some of Apple’s most well- known products. We’re also promoting diversity in the companies with which we do business. For example, our agreements with our primary construction suppliers require the reporting of their efforts to include diverse subcontractors on all Apple- related projects. As a result of our efforts, we were chosen as Corporation of the Year by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) in October 2021. This award is NMSDC’s highest honor to a major corporation for the utilization of ethnic minority- owned suppliers, specifically those with Asian-Indian, Asian-Pacific, Black, Hispanic/Latinx, and Indigenous owners. Appendix Governance Communities Suppliers Customers Our People Environment Introduction Apple’s 2022 ESG Report 45

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