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Our company N O TI C WALMART’S CORPORATE PURPOSE HOW WALMART CREATES VALUE FOR STAKEHOLDERS U D O Walmart’s purpose is to save people money and help them live NTR better. We provide convenient access to high-quality, affordable Customers: Convenient access to quality, Business Partners: Access to and I food and other essential products and services to millions of affordable products and services understanding of engaged customers for our Y people each week. In doing so, we aim to create value for our sellers, advertisers and ecosystem partners T I stakeholders. N Associates: Purpose-driven work; opportunity TU R O for good jobs and upward mobility Communities: Resources to build stronger, P OUR VALUES P O more inclusive communities Y Acting with Serving Shareholders: Strong long-term returns T I IL integrity the customer through financial, environmental, social and Planet: Leadership on zero emissions, B A governance (ESG) leadership zero waste and our regenerative approach IN A to nature ST Striving for Respecting U S excellence the individual Suppliers: Access to customers and support Y for supplier development and growth IT N U M OM C Y OUR BUSINESS IN FY2022 T I R G E NT I >$572 billion ~2.3 million eCommerce >10,500 7.7% $15.9 billion & S C I in revenue associates grew double-digits stores in two dozen U.S. comp sales returns to TH E countries growth including fuel shareholders 10

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