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N O TI C U D O NTR I Y T I N TU R O P P O Human capital: Good jobs & Y T I IL advancement for associates B A IN A ST As one of the world’s largest private employers, we seek to U S accelerate the professional development and advancement of Y our associates and help make retail a gateway to upward mobility. IT N U Our human capital development strategy focuses on inclusion, M OM well-being, growth and digital enablement. C Y T I R INCLUSION G E We seek to make Walmart a place for everyone by creating opportunity and a sense of belonging. NT I Walmart offers jobs with low barriers to entry; for some it’s a first job and for others a second & S C chance—with access to career paths ranging from retail management to technology to health care. I TH We seek to enhance diversity across all levels in the organization. We are focused on equitably E hiring, developing and rewarding our associates. 16

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