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N O TI C U D Digital citizenship: Ethical use of data O NTR I & responsible use of technology Y T I N Our customer proposition has evolved beyond stores and clubs to a more digital, TU R omni-channel experience. Today, almost every aspect of Walmart’s business relies on the use O P P O of technology and data, including personal data from our customers. Our ability to propel Y our flywheel depends on securing and maintaining customer trust. T I IL B A Digital values: Our values inform the decisions we make Cybersecurity: We work to ensure a secure environment IN A regarding new technologies, services and data use; policies and through risk management, training and communication and ST controls related to the use and sharing of personal information; incident management. We annually assess our cybersecurity U Digital Trust S responsible management of data, records and information; programs against third-party requirements including NIST-CSF, Commitments Y and protection of our information and digital infrastructure PCI, HIPAA and SOX; our most recent external assessment IT from cyber intrusions. In operationalizing our digital trust occurred in FY2022 when external auditors reviewed our N U commitments, we seek to design globally and deploy locally, information technology infrastructure and our information M OM design for customer usability and choice and decrease implicit security management systems. We train Walmart associates, Service: Our use of technology and data will be in C and actual bias and increase transparency. We joined the partners and vendors with access to the corporate network with the Data & Trust Alliance, through which we are adopting an respect to risk, roles, policies, standards and behaviors. And service of people. Y Excellence: We strive for excellence in our T algorithmic bias toolkit for evaluating how vendors detect, we have established procedures for responding to incidents, I R technology, making it simple, convenient and secure. G mitigate and monitor algorithmic bias in workforce decisions. including when and how to engage with internal management, E NT stakeholders and law enforcement; severe incidents are I Integrity: We will use data responsibly and & escalated to the highest levels of Walmart’s management. S transparently and always with integrity. C I TH Read more: Digital citizenship: Ethical use of data & E { Respect: Our data practices and technology will responsible use of technology treat people fairly, with dignity and respect. 45

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