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Climate change N O TI Walmart aims to galvanize collective climate action across the retail and consumer C U D goods sector through our operational emissions reduction initiatives, supplier O NTR engagement, innovation in product supply chain practices, advocacy and I Y philanthropy, while taking steps to strengthen the resilience of our business against T I the effects of climate change. N TU R O P P and adaptation strategies. Climate risk is also incorporated O GOVERNANCE The Walmart corporate sustainability team leads the into the company’s Enterprise Risk Management process. Y development of the company’s climate strategy, working Walmart’s executive leadership team reviews Walmart’s T I climate strategy at least annually. The Nominating and IL with a team including finance, real estate, operations, B A merchandising, strategy and public policy. Walmart Governance Committee of the Walmart Board of Directors IN A periodically conducts a scenario-based climate risk oversees that strategy. ST U S assessment, which informs Walmart’s climate mitigation Y IT Annual GHG emissions37 Carbon intensity38 N U M 20 6.08 $600,000 OM 6.71 6.67 40 41.29 40.04 C 6.15 6.85 37.89 $559,151 O₂e15 7.24 34.42 32.86 $550,000 Y T) C 13.83 30 29.38 T $514,405 I 12.74 12.29 R 11.37 $523,964 G 10 $482,130 $500,000 E tons (MM 10.37 20 $500,343 NT 9.19 I $485,873 & S 5 $450,000 C 10 I TH Million metric E 0 $400,000 0 CY2015 CY2016 CY2017 CY2018 CY2019 CY2020 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 27 Scope 1 Scope 2 Carbon intensity Total annual revenue [$M] (Scope 1 and 2 MT COe / $M revenue)

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