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N PAY EQUITY Representation at Walmart—FY2022 U.S.25 O TI C Our strategy to grow diverse talent pipelines includes rewarding U D our associates equitably. Our latest pay analysis in Canada and the O NTR United States confirms that—taking into account relevant factors I such as position, tenure and location—Walmart pays associates 40% 46% Y equitably regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. We conduct People of U.S. total management U.S. hourly-to-hourly T I analyses of pay and compensation practices in consultation with Color 24 N promotions promotions TU expert third-party firms following industry-leading standards. 49% R O Through pay and policy adjustments, we correct for unintended U.S. associates P P pay differences and where appropriate adjust for market O competitiveness as part of our annual and ongoing reviews. We Y continue to review our processes and analyses beyond the U.S. 39% 27% T I and Canada so that we can consistently review and report on our U.S. management U.S. officers IL B A equitable pay and practices globally. IN A ST U S ADVANCING EQUITY IN SOCIETY We aim to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in society, Y helping to tackle drivers of systemic disparities through IT 45% 54% N complementary business initiatives and philanthropic U Women U.S. total management U.S. hourly-to-hourly M investments. We are focusing our efforts on the U.S. criminal promotions promotions OM justice, education, finance and health systems. Our Shared C 53% Value Networks (SVNs) are teams of associates who identify the U.S. associates Y natural overlaps between Walmart’s business capabilities and T I R opportunities to advance racial equity within our four systems G E of focus. To extend the impact of the SVNs, Walmart and the NT 44% 34% I Walmart Foundation committed $100 million over five years to & U.S. management U.S. officers S create the Center for Racial Equity. The Center C I TH has invested $35 million as of January 2022 to address racial E inequities in these four systems. 21

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