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N Supplier opportunity O TI C U D Through sourcing, Walmart aims not only to delight our customers but also to provide O opportunities for economic growth and development for the people who work throughout NTR I our supply chains, including our suppliers, the people they employ and their communities. Y T As part of our local and global sourcing programs, we pursue several initiatives focused on I N TU building a more inclusive, diverse supplier base and contributing to local economies. Our R O P efforts include: P O Y America at Work: In FY2013, we committed to invest an Make in India: Walmart’s Vriddhi Supplier Development T I incremental $250 billion over ten years in products that support Program aims to prepare 50,000 of India’s micro-, small- and IL B the creation of American jobs. As of the end of FY2022, we medium-sized suppliers to participate in global supply chains. A IN have sourced an incremental $196 billion. In March 2021, we Additionally, we announced an ambition to triple our exports A ST announced a new ten-year commitment to invest an incremental from India to $10 billion each year by 2027. U S $350 billion in products made, grown or assembled in the United States. The additional $350 billion commitment has the potential Supplier inclusion: Walmart uses its sourcing strategies to foster Y equity and inclusion of underrepresented and disadvantaged IT to support an estimated 750,000 new jobs.27 As of the end of N >$13.3 billion groups while enhancing our product offering. In FY2022, U FY2022 we have increased U.S. purchases by $12 billion toward M in goods and services Walmart’s U.S. businesses spent over $13.3 billion in goods and OM this new goal. services sourced from approximately 2,600 diverse suppliers. C sourced from diverse 26 American Lighthouses: In 2021 we introduced American In 2021, we partnered with C2FO to expand our early payment suppliers for Walmart’s Lighthouses, aimed at identifying and overcoming barriers program to help diverse suppliers28 increase their cash flow by Y U.S. businesses T I to U.S. manufacturing by fostering collaboration among accelerating their receipt of invoice payments from Walmart; R G E manufacturers, NGOs, academia, government and local this gives these suppliers the ability to receive paid invoices NT I economic development groups. We are beginning by focusing within 48 hours of submission. & S on two supply chains—textiles and pharma/medical—and C I Read more: Supplier opportunity TH $196 billion plan to expand the program to plastics, food processing and { E incremental purchases motors/metals. Read more: People in supply chains in products supporting { 23 American jobs since 2013

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