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CREATIVEGUIDELINES Secondary Colors All five secondary colors and gradients are SECONDARY COLORS used as accents to complement our primary color, PMS 300. Please use only the provided PMS, CMYK, RGB or HEX values shown here. See page 11 for additional guidelines on blueprint using the color palette. blue aqua orange lime plum When preparing files for final production, PMS 2955 PMS 2925 PMS 144 PMS 375 PMS 241 always make sure that your color values are consistent with the values shown here. C.100 M.55 Y.10 K.48 C.84 M.21 Y.0 K.0 C.0 M.51 Y.100 K.0 C.46 M.0 Y.90 K.0 C.30 M.100 Y.2 K.2 R.0 G.60 B.105 R.0 G.152 B.219 R.237 G.139 B.0 R.151 G.215 B.0 R.175 G.22 B.133 HEX: 003C69 HEX: 0098DB HEX: ED8B00 HEX: 97D700 HEX: AF1685 The secondary gradients can be used for a variety of visual communication needs as well as a graphic background element. SECONDARY GRADIENTS dark blue aqua orange lime plum gradient gradient gradient gradient gradient 10 HASBRO GLOBAL BRAND GUIDE

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