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Partner and Co-marketing Guide Xerox PROVIDED PAID DIGITAL ADVERTISING BANNERS Page 19 Partner Created Partners may create their own online advertising for use outside their website to drive traffic back to their site. When designing these communications, do not use Xerox brand assets — such as the signature, typeface, color palette, photography, iconography, etc. — aside from the partner badge. This way, customers won’t confuse Document partner advertisements for Xerox Technology Partner logo is the primary Partner advertisements. Xerox can provide product element and the badge is a images for use in partner-branded advertising; secondary element. Ensure that Partner created banner ad. clear space rules for partner badge when using these photos, include the credit are followed. statement or the page it links to “Photo Courtesy of Xerox Corporation.” The example to the right shows an appropriate partner badge and call to action placement. Xerox Created Xerox can provide Xerox-branded advertising for partner use. The partner logo, contact details and a call to action may be included on the advertising in the designated location. Always include the relationship information so the Xerox provided asset relationship is clear to the intended audience. examples explaining that the partner can add their logo, Xerox provided animated banner ad — product message. relationship line and CTA in the partner designated co-branded area. Xerox provided animated banner ad — promotion message. ©2018 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved.

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