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AT&T AND SHAREHOLDERS INNOVATION Security is at the core of our operations. As the world increasingly depends on networks to communicate and conduct business, network and data security is critical for maintaining public confidence and trust. AT&T has implemented a comprehensive security program derived from ISO 27001, COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) and other industry best practices. Our Chief Security Office works in conjunction with AT&T departments to evaluate threats, determine protective measures, create response capabilities and assess compliance with best practices. Annual security awareness training is required of all employees. AT&T security analysts also produce an educational program called AT&T ThreatTraq. This recurring online series provides another dimension of security training and awareness through weekly webisodes open to employees and the public. The AT&T Security Center for Innovation is a best-in-class incubator where security researchers work on large-scale problems in fields such as mobility and 5G, cloud computing, blockchain and Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning/Machine Learning. Their innovations become part of new systems and services AT&T deploys for next- generation security. Through our AT&T Cybersecurity enterprise consulting practice, we help businesses design, deploy and manage solutions to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. We’ve also created AT&T Cyber Aware , a resource designed to empower and educate consumers about fraud protection and cybersecurity. Network and data security Innovation World’s First Open Threat Intelligence Community Threat sharing in the security industry is often ad hoc and informal, filled with blind spots, frustration and pitfalls. AT&T Alien Labs™ includes a global team of threat researchers and data scientists who use proprietary analytics and machine learning to analyze one of the largest and most diverse collections of threat data in the world. Alien Labs® Open Threat Exchange® (OTX™) is the world’s largest open threat intelligence community, helping companies and government agencies quickly share information about cyber threats – to better avoid major breaches or minimize the damage from an attack. OTX provides open access to a global community of threat researchers and security professionals. It has more than 100,000 participants in 140 countries who contribute over 19 million threat indicators daily. OTX is free to join and enables anyone in the security community to discuss, research, validate and share the latest threat data, trends and techniques – strengthening cyber defenses while helping others do the same. Our network investments lay the foundation for evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality and edge computing. These innovations are an important component of AT&T’s business success, helping attract employee talent, enhance our brand’s reputation and advance new services. A company of our scale can’t innovate in a vacuum and remain competitive and agile in today’s market. We opened our 5G Innovation Studio in Plano, Texas to co-create 5G-centric use cases with external groups and expedite the speed of adoption. We’re also partnering with MxD , Manufacturing x Digital, as part of an innovation center for emerging digital manufacturing technologies. Our newly established Connected Climate Initiative includes a collection of technology companies, universities and non-profits working to identify connectivity solutions that can help minimize negative environmental impacts. For example, Microsoft is working with AT&T in areas like 5G, AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud to develop solutions that can improve efficiency and reduce emissions and waste. Texas A&M University is researching how 5G could help speed emissions reduction in industries such as transportation. And the University of Missouri is exploring how 5G may help reduce energy consumption and emissions from buildings. Read more: SASB Index • Network & Data Security Issue Brief Read more: Business Continuity, Longevity & Innovation Issue Brief AVERAGE PATENTS PER BUSINESS DAY ~4 ACTIVE AT&T PATENTS ~12K 2021 TOTAL R&D SPEND $1.522B “Feature stores are one of the hottest areas of AI development right now, because being able to reuse and repurpose data engineering tools is critical as those tools become increasingly complex and expensive to build.” – Andy Markus, Chief Data Officer, AT&T Artificial Intelligence AI experts use data engineering tools called “features” to predict a given outcome in an AI model. Building features is time consuming work and data scientists typically build features from scratch every time they start a new project – representing up to 80% of development time. The demand for reliable, easy-to-use and secure features is growing with the increased prevalence of AI applications in areas such as financial services, retail and software development. AT&T and have built an AI feature store that enables reuse and repurposing of data engineering tools from previous projects. This allows teams to build more accurate features and enter production in hours instead of months. At AT&T, we’re grounded in ethics, safety and values at every stage of AI. We employ a transparent approach to algorithms that includes safeguards. We use varied, validated datasets and diverse human input to achieve objectives and we monitor outcomes to ensure accuracy and help minimize biases. We also support open-source communities whenever appropriate, to advance collaboration, standardization and industry discussion. Recent AT&T innovations include: • A hybrid private/public wireless network solution called AT&T Staff Alert that helps protect remote workers in the hospitality industry • Monitoring and communications infrastructure innovations for utility companies, to provide deeper insight into energy operations • Wirelessly connected legacy healthcare products, enabling new remote patient monitoring and diagnostic solutions 5 Year trend in R&D spend $ billions 2018 2017 2019 2020 2021 1.194 1.503 1.276 1.210 1.522 OVERVIEW AT&T AND SHAREHOLDERS CUSTOMERS AND COMMUNITIES EMPLOYEES SUPPLIERS ENVIRONMENT GOVERNANCE GOALS SUMMARY KPI s AT&T ESG SUMMARY REPORT 2022 AT&T ESG SUMMARY REPORT 2022 10 11

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