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Read more: TCFD Report • CDP Climate Change disclosure • Climate Change Issue Brief AT&T AND SHAREHOLDERS CLIMATE RESILIENCE Millions o f in dividuals, f amilies, b usinesses an d public s af ety a gencies dep end on ou r netwo rk every day. T o s uppo rt t his ess ential c onnectivity, w e c ontinually invest t o en hance t he speed, quality an d reliability ou r c usto mers r equ ire. We c ollect bi llions o f service-assurance m easurements ac ross o ur w ireline a nd w ireless networks every hour and analyze this data in near-real time to help improve performance and deliver the best customer experience. Over the past 6 years (201 6 –2021), we’ve invested more than $ 135 billion in our wire less and wireline networks. 9 We’ve also shifted 100% of our layer 3 core network to software-defined control, which allows us to provision new services faster and rapidly adjust capacity in response to traffic demand. Network quality and reliability Climate resilience Our commitment to fast and reliable technologies As demand for bandwidth and connectivity surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, our network has remained stable – supporting millions as they work, learn and socialize online. AT&T continues to invest in fiber and 5G infrastructure to enable the best connectivity experience across our broadband and wireless networks. Fiber network connections support more bandwidth and faster uploads than standard cable – in addition to >99% proven reliability. Throughout 2021, we built fiber to 2.6 million new customer locations – the equivalent of nearly 300 connections per hour, every day. Today, more than 5.9 million businesses and households subscribe to AT&T Fiber for critical bandwidth to power video, collaboration, cloud services and more. And in 2022, we launched fiber service up to 5Gbps – the fastest offering among major internet service providers. Since becoming the first carrier to make mobile 5G a reality in the U.S., we’ve continued to expand the quality and availability of our 5G network – which now reaches more than 255 million Americans in more than 16,000 cities. The speed and reliability of our 5G network is supported by our leading fiber footprint, which provides critical bandwidth connecting our cell towers back to the internet. Looking ahead, we’ll continue our 5G momentum by expanding the availability of C-band spectrum (AT&T 5G+) that will support even faster connections and innovative wireless solutions. 2021 GROSS CAPITAL INVESTMENT 26 $2 1.6B PETABYTES OF TRAFFIC PER DAY (Q4 2021) ~485 LAYER 3 CORE NETWORK UPTIME IN 2 021 99.99937% LAYER 3 CORE NETWORK AVERAGE INTERRUPTION PER CUSTOMER PORT IN 2021 3.3 s e conds INVESTMENT IN OUR NETWORK DISASTER RECOVERY PROGRAM >$650M 2021 HOME INTERNET FOOTPRINT ~16M customer locations EXPANDING FIBER FOOTPRINT TO 30M customer locations by 2025 EXPECT TO REACH 200M Points of presence in the U.S. with 5G C-band spectrum by the end of 2023 Climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather, worsening the risk of physical damage and operational disruptions to our network. Climate change is also contributing to longer-term shifts in environmental conditions, which we take into account as we make upgrades and extend our network reach. To enhance the operational resilience of our network today and help ensure future availability of our services, we integrate climate change considerations throughout our network planning. Key initiatives include: • Regular analysis to help ensure our network infrastructure, such as cell sites, data centers and wireline switching offices, can withstand natural disasters • High-capacity battery backup or permanent generators at our cell sites, data centers and wireline switching offices, helping ensure service continuity in the event of temporary power loss • Proactive monitoring of potential threats to our network, employees and infrastructure through the AT&T Weather Operations Center Considering physical climate risk To help us plan, build and maintain our network in the face of extreme weather and long-term climate change, in 2019 we developed our Climate Change Analysis Tool (CCAT). By modeling the potential for extreme weather within our geographic information system, our industry-leading CCAT helps network engineers analyze how inland and coastal flooding, drought, wind or wildfires may impact existing infrastructure or future network builds – up to 30 years into the future. In 2021, we continued expanding CCAT’s capabilities to generate a holistic climate change risk score for additional segments of our business. For example, in 2022 our energy management teams are leveraging CCAT data as a critical input to power resiliency planning, to support the positioning of additional Bloom Energy fuel cells in the Southeast U.S.  Physical climate risk is just one consideration in our approach to environmental issues. See page 31 for additional detail on our climate-related efforts. Supporting the resilience of public infrastructure Over the last 2 years, we’ve been sharing data developed for CCAT with municipalities and other organizations, to help inform climate resilience efforts beyond our network and operations. For example, our work with the New York Power Authority (NYPA) is exploring the similarities in climate-related risk to utility and telecommunications infrastructure, to help New York State become more resilient to extreme weather. This effort builds upon collaborations with additional organizations such as EcoRise and the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation National Coastal Resilience Fund. Read more: 2021 Annual Report • SASB Index • Network Quality & Reliability Issue Brief We're committed to keeping our customers connected – even in the wake of unpredictable, catastrophic events. Our Network Disaster Recovery program is one of the largest and most advanced of its kind – existing solely to rapidly restore communications to areas affected by disasters. OVERVIEW AT&T AND SHAREHOLDERS CUSTOMERS AND COMMUNITIES EMPLOYEES SUPPLIERS ENVIRONMENT GOVERNANCE GOALS SUMMARY In 2021, AT&T was named best network overall for the 4th consecutive year, and best 5G network, by Global Wireless Solutions’ OneScore survey. KPI s AT&T ESG SUMMARY REPORT 2022 AT&T ESG SUMMARY REPORT 2022 8 9

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