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Customers and Communities PEOPLE IN NEED SUPPORTED BY AT&T CONNECTED LEARNING >72K PEOPLE REACHED BY DIGITAL INCLUSION INITIATIVES >51K PEOPLE REACHED BY DIGITAL LITERACY AND INITIATIVES ~21K CONNECTIONS TO FIRSTNET >3M Privacy and Accessibility page 13 Digital divide page 14 FirstNet page 18 Community resilience page 19 Our customers expect AT&T to protect their information and respect their privacy. We maintain comprehensive network and data security protocols (page 10), train our employees on privacy at least annually and are committed to compliance with all privacy laws and regulations where we operate. We also have strong governance around the use of AI technologies, to be accountable to all our stakeholders ( page 11 ). Our Chief Privacy Office oversees compliance with privacy principles, policies and commitments across our business, including efforts to ensure consumers can exercise their individual rights under applicable privacy laws. Our global privacy program is based on 4 principles: • Transparency - We’re open and honest about how we use your data. • Security - We use strong safeguards to keep your data confidential and secure. • Choice and control - We give you choices about how we use your data. • Integrity - We do what we say. We create opportunities for people with disabilities to connect to the online world more easily, by requiring manufacturers to build accessibility into their products and providing consumers and employees with accessible solutions. AT&T adopted a Universal Design Statement more than 20 years ago to reflect our commitment to digital inclusion. Our Chief Accessibility Office defines corporate standards and provides training, tools and resources to determine when and how accessibility gaps or needs should be addressed. Our Chief Accessibility Officer, who reports to our Chief Compliance Officer, oversees these efforts. Our commitment to accessible design and inclusion begins with our employees. Through end-of-year 2021, more than 1,000 new hires and 7,000 existing employees have confidentially self-identified as having a disability. 10 Based on regular engagement with the disability community, such as our expert Advisory Panel on Access and Aging , our internal training programs help developers think about accessibility from the beginning of the product life cycle and help customer- facing employees better serve the needs of those with disabilities. We offer more than a dozen courses for employees to help create a more accessible workplace. And through our Accessibility and Inclusion initiative, internal volunteer teams regularly evaluate and improve accessibility for our people. AT&T received the 2021 Corporate Leadership Award from the American Association of People with Disabilities and we were named a Leading Disability Employer by the National Organization on Disability. Privacy Accessibility Safeguarding Children As stated in the  AT&T Human Rights Policy , we’re committed to working with industry partners and stakeholders to preserve young people’s rights to freedom of expression and help safeguard them from online predators or exploitation. We support and comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, as well as other laws governing the collection and handling of children’s data. Our Online Safety Committee provides internal oversight and guidance on digital safety issues, including an impact assessment across our portfolio of services – to better understand risks related to potential online child exploitation and sexual abuse material. We collaborate with groups such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the WePROTECT Global Alliance, an international movement dedicated to ending child sexual exploitation and abuse online. CUSTOMERS AND COMMUNITIES PRIVACY AND ACCESSIBILITY Read more: Privacy Issue Brief • Network and Data Security Issue Brief Transparency Report Read more: AT&T Accessibility website • Accessibility Issue Brief OVERVIEW AT&T AND SHAREHOLDERS CUSTOMERS AND COMMUNITIES EMPLOYEES SUPPLIERS ENVIRONMENT GOVERNANCE GOALS SUMMARY KPI s AT&T ESG SUMMARY REPORT 2022 AT&T ESG SUMMARY REPORT 2022 12 13

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