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HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 3 Brand Overview A brand is not just a logo or an ad campaign. It’s the promise of an experience. Our identity system brings the Handshake experience to life through words, color, typography, and a graphic toolkit. Each element contributes to our larger mission, thus reinforcing Handshake’s story with consistency and clarity.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 4 Manifesto Our brand manifesto is our call to action for students. It describes what we do, what we stand for, and what we can help students accomplish. For the ready, set, and not quite there yet. For the “I know” and the “I have no idea.” For the seekers, finders, doers, and explorers. Look ahead at what’s possible. At what’s next. If you want it, you can make it happen. No matter what you’re looking for, or where you are in your career journey—we’re here to help. Take the first step. Then the next. Towards to job you want. Find Your Next.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 5 Brand Proposition Our brand proposition is our “how”. It outlines the benefits of our brand and the problems that we solve. It is the promise that we will keep. Handshake is the place where all students can build meaningful careers, no matter where they’re from or what education journey they’ve taken. We connect students with the information and opportunities they are searching for. Our approach to helping students and early talent is supportive and optimistic. We believe that for students, finding their next job should be exciting, not intimidating.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 6 Who We Are While Handshake’s core mission is universal, how we present our story can vary depending on our audience. Each of our brand’s three audiences have specific benefits and contributions to the larger Handshake brand. This messaging explains why each facet of our brand exists, what sets us apart, and how we uniquely help our customers and partners succeed. Press Student Employer Edu Benefit: Handshake is the #1 site for college students to find a job and get hired. Description: Handshake is the largest early talent career platform. Benefit: Handshake is the #1 way college students get hired. Description: Handshake is the leading career search platform for college students. Benefit: Handshake is the #1 place for employers to hire qualified early talent. Description: Handshake is the largest early talent career networking platform. Benefit: Handshake is the #1 place for college students to find jobs and internships. Description: Handshake is the largest and most engaged platform for early talent to find opportunity.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 7 Values Handshake’s company values lay at the heart of everything we share with our audience and team. From students to employers, we speak with a singular vision. These values drive how we bring our brand to life. Learn, grow, repeat Student first Empowered by diversity Act with empathy Focus on impact Move quickly, but don’t rush Our values are the foundation of our company culture, service, and product.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 8 Brand Attributes Handshake’s brand attributes define how our brand looks and what we say. Think of these attributes as personality traits or characteristics that our audience sees as an inherent part of our brand. Vibrant We’re bold and full of youthful energy. Actionable We’re more than talk. We give students, employers and career centers the information they need to get results. Optimistic We believe in the potential of every student and know they can build the career they want. Supportive We’re here to help students navigate the challenges and opportunities along their career journey.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 9 HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 9 Messaging Messaging is a reflection of our brand’s personality, and our personality informs the way we communicate with our audiences. Our words influence our brand perception, and it’s valuable to speak with a unified voice.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 10 Messaging Establishing a singular brand voice is a necessary first step in crafting our brand messaging. Determining and understanding the intended audience helps dictate tone. Voice vs Tone You have one voice, but your tone changes. You might use one tone when you’re out to dinner with your closest friends, and a different tone with the hiring manager interviewing you for a new job. Your tone also changes depending on the emotional state of the person you’re addressing. You wouldn’t want to use the same tone of voice with someone who’s scared or upset as you would with someone who’s laughing. The same is true for Handshake. Our voice doesn’t change much from day to day, but our tone changes depending on our audience and what we’re communicating.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 11 Messaging Our brand voice should reflect Handshake’s brand attributes. How we communicate externally determines our relationship with our audience. Handshake’s Voice Handshake helps all users take meaningful action towards their goals. We invite them to look ahead towards building a great career, team, and future. That’s why we speak like an experienced, no-nonsense, but compassionate partner to each of our users. We treat every student seriously. We treat every employer and education partner professionally. We want to educate all parties without being patronizing or confusing. Using supportive humor and a conversational voice, we play with language to help break the ice and put users at ease. We prefer the subtle over the noisy, the wry over the farcical. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do take our work seriously. Whether people know exactly what they’re looking for or don’t know the first thing about the job or candidate search, every word we say informs and encourages. We impart our expertise with clarity and empathy.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 12 Messaging Tone allows Handshake to personalize brand messaging. While our brand voice is unified and consistent, tone has inflections and range — it factors in audience and setting. Handshake’s Tone Handshake’s tone is informal, but it’s more important to be clear than entertaining. When writing for our customers, consider their state of mind. Are students anxious about the career journey, or relieved to be finished with their application? Once you have an idea of their emotional state, adjust your tone accordingly. Handshake has a sense of humor, so feel free to be funny when it’s appropriate and when it comes naturally. But don’t go out of your way to make a joke—forced humor can be worse than none at all. If you’re unsure, keep to the point. In order to naturally adjust our tone based on audience and context, we should think about our relationship to each of our user types. We’re student-focused, but also have to develop close partnerships and support the success of our customers. These relationships are professional and we want to present ourselves as approachable, but reliable as a business associate. We’re there to help everyone achieve their goals.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 13 Student Messaging We speak to each audience in a unique tone within the larger brand voice. Always consider the demographic and environment of the intended audience while crafting Handshake messaging. When communicating with students, our language should feel informative and reliable, yet friendly enough to be relatable. Avoid phrases that seem trendy, pandering or patronizing. SAMPLE MESSAGING ▶ Launch your career Handshake is the place to explore the latest jobs and internships from employers that want to hire you. Stand out. Get hired. The #1 way college students get hired Apply where you have an edge The top employers are on Handshake to hire students like you at your school. Create your profile and have recruiters message you about jobs—not the other way around!

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 14 EDU Messaging We speak to each audience in a unique tone within the larger brand voice. Always consider the demographic and environment of the intended audience while crafting Handshake messaging. Our messaging for education partners, should feel helpful, action-oriented, and inspiring. Avoid phrases that feel exclusionary. In external-facing communications, please use “education” instead of EDU. SAMPLE MESSAGING ▶ The #1 college-to-career network Supercharge student engagement and connect with more than 500K employers Fuel your work and empower your students Level the playing field for your students Help students get the most out of Handshake Handshake provides free resources to help your institution spread the word to students. Explore guides, presentations, videos, case studies, and more.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 15 Employer Messaging We speak to each audience in a unique tone within the larger brand voice. Always consider the demographic and environment of the intended audience while crafting Handshake messaging. When communicating with employers and professional organizations, our language should feel confident, trustworthy and concise. Avoid phrases that use corporate jargon or seem robotic. SAMPLE MESSAGING ▶ Custom recruiter messages at scale Encourage the right candidates to apply by personalizing your outreach in just a few clicks. Recruit diverse talent from any school in the country Your end-to-end virtual recruiting strategy Targeted search and segments Find your ideal candidates by applying nearly 20 attributes like major and location preference.

Core Assets

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 17 Logo The Handshake logo is the official signature of the Handshake brand — it is confident, simple and trustworthy. Our logo is our most important assets, serving as the chief expression of the brand. HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 17

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 18 Logo PRIMARY MARK ▶ The Handshake logo is the anchor of our brand system , and maintaining the mark’s integrity across all touchpoints is critical for establishing a successful corporate identity. The logo is a horizontal lockup of the brand wordmark and our iconic symbol. Modern and timeless, the mark balances trustworthiness and professionalism with an authentic human touch.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 19 Logo To preserve the integrity of the brand, the Handshake logo must only be displayed in a limited palette of color options. It is critical that the logo is not expressed in anything other than black, white or the signature Handshake red. The red logo is only permitted on use of a white or very light gray background. This ensures maximum impact and accessible contrast. LOGO COLORWAYS ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 20 Logo When pairing our logo with photography, only use the white or black version of the mark to ensure legibility. To aid the visibility of our logo, make sure to not place it on any busy background areas — this is especially important when using photography. Aim to use imagery with simple and clean compositions, ample negative space will ensure that the logo has room breathe. LOGO ON PHOTOGRAPHY ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 21 Logo To ensure readability, there should always be as much clear space around our logo as possible. To give it the space it deserves, all other graphic elements must remain a minimum distance away, as illustrated below. Using the height of the logo [X] is an easy guide to determine the necessary minimum clear space on all sides. CLEAR SPACE ▶ X LOGO HEIGHT (X)

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 22 Logo It is critical to respect the integrity of the Handshake signature. Accuracy and consistency helps build and protect the brand’s global image. Please use the logo with care to ensure the our identity presented with unity. The graphics below are examples of what not to do when using the logo. These are just a few ways the logo might be misapplied. INCORRECT USAGE ▶ Handshake DO NOT DISTORT OR ROTATE IT DO NOT CHANGE THE COLOR OR OUTLINE OUR LOGO DO NOT USE OTHER TYPEFACES TO RECREATE OUR LOGO DO NOT REARRANGE OR RESIZE THE LOGO ELEMENTS DO NOT PLACE OUR LOGO ON ANY BUSY BACKGROUND AREAS DO NOT APPLY SHADOWS OR EFFECTS

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 23 Icon The iconic Handshake symbol is a shorthand for the brand. The symbol can be used as a stand alone graphic, but only if it already appears locked up with the wordmark within the experience. Think of the symbol as an abbreviation of the logo — ideal for spaces with size constraints or assets with repeated use of the mark. The same color rules from the logo apply to the icon as well. ICON COLORWAYS ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 24 Icon The Handshake symbol is more prominent in our digital experiences, including the Handshake app. As with the logo, the icon requires similar rules regarding clear space to ensure maximum visibility and impact for every communication. Half the width of the icon is a simple guide to measure the minimum space required to protect the mark from other graphic elements. APP ICON ▶ CLEAR SPACE X

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 25 Color Palette Our vibrant color palette infuses the brand with personality, conveying a sense of optimism. The distinctive extended palette gives the brand room to breathe while fresh pops of color give us license to be bold. We can stand out as easily as we can step back.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 26 Color Our brand colors are the three colors acceptable for expressing our brand marks and logo. Bold and distinctive, this palette is restrained and must always remain consistent. These colors can be used across all branded materials and assets. As the foundation of our brand color palette, these colors can stand alone or be paired with our secondary palette. BRAND COLORS ▶ HANDSHAKE RED HEX #FF2F1C R 255 • G 47 • B 28 C 0 • M 93 • Y 96 • K 0 PANTONE RED 032 C WHITE HEX #FFFFFF R 255 • G 255 • B 255 C 0 • M 0 • Y 0 • K 0 BLACK HEX #000000 R 0 • G 0 • B 0 C 75 • M 68 • Y 67 • K 90 PANTONE 433 C

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 27 Color A fresh, vibrant and reliable color palette gives range to our visual identity that feels optimistic and energetic. These colors tonally extend the palette in a balanced yet flexible way, dependent on the audience or visual asset. Accent colors should be used for variety and emphasis, but should be used sparingly. Overuse of the secondary colors would dilute the established brand propriety. COLOR PALETTE ▶ CORAL HEX #FFC7B3 R 255 • G 199 • B 179 C 0 • M 26 • Y 25 • K 0 PANTONE 7520 C INDIGO HEX #2E2880 R 46 • G 40 • B 128 C 100 • M 100 • Y 14 • K 4 PANTONE 2105 C CANARY HEX #F3E02B R 243 • G 224 • B 43 C 7 • M 5 • Y 93 • K 0 PANTONE 604 C DENIM HEX #6490F2 R 100 • G 144 • B 242 C 60 • M 41 • Y 0 • K 0 PANTONE 2718 C LIGHT AQUA HEX #D3F1F3 R 211 • G 241 • B 243 C 16 • M 0 • Y 5 • K 0 PANTONE 9520 C DEEP TEAL HEX #026773 R 2 • G 103 • B 115 C 90 • M 45 • Y 46 • K 17 PANTONE 2238 C SPRING HEX #74D486 R 116 • G 212 • B 134 C 53 • M 0 • Y 64 • K 0 PANTONE 2268 C

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 28 Color To maximize the use of our palette, it’s important to balance the use of each color. While use of color can vary based on our audience and content, this guide helps to visualize the way in which our colors should be used proportionally. Overuse of one color can misrepresent the brand or diminish the strength of the primary brand colors. COLOR USAGE ▶ 25% 20% 20% 15% 10% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2%

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 29 Color In order to achieve the best look for our brand, color pairing is an important factor. It is critical to consider legibility and contrast to ensure our audience can easily read and distinguish our content across all mediums. Use the below chart as a guide for selecting and pairing color, and avoid combinations that are not recommended. COLOR PAIRING ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 30 Color The breadth of Handshake’s color palette offers flexibility and range within our brand system. Combining colors can evoke emotion and tone to underscore our messaging. We recommend using color combinations that are complimentary in tone and provide a strong visual contrast when paired together. When in doubt, refer to these select pairings as our top recommendations. RECOMMENDED COLOR PAIRINGS ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 31 Color Proper and consistent use of colors is critical to establishing a brand system that is recognizable to our audience. Incongruent use of color can erode the visual identity and may create misleading design brand communications. Follow the set guidelines and err on the side of simplicity to avoid making common mistakes. Here are a few samples of misusing of the brand color palette. INCORRECT USAGE ▶ DO NOT USE GRADIENTS Text Text DO NOT USE ONLY GRAYSCALE DO NOT USE COLORS THAT ARE NOT IN OUR BRAND PALETTE DO NOT SET TEXT AGAINST COLORS WITH LOW CONTRAST Text Text DO NOT USE COLORS COMBINATIONS THAT HAVE BAD CONTRAST DO NOT ADJUST THE OPACITY OF THE COLOR PALETTE

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 32 We apply a confident, clear and friendly typographic approach to ensure the brand resonates crisply and clearly across applications and demonstrates the benefits of our product. HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 32 Typography

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 33 Typography Suisse Int’l is the foundational typeface for the Handshake brand. Suisse Int’l is modern, clean, smart and appropriate for expressing a message that is trustworthy and professional. Body copy, subheads, labels, buttons, call-outs and any other extraneous type is set in Suisse Int’l. This font family allows for typographic flexibility with an extensive collection of weights and characters. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890!?@#$%&*{()}¢¶ Aa Aa Aa Aa SUISSE INT’L ▶ BOOK BOOK ITALIC BOLD BOLD ITALIC

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 34 Typography Ginto Nord serves as Handshake’s display typeface. Bold and playful, this font provides personality to the brand system. Ginto Nord is designed to take up space and demand attention, so the font should be used sparingly — primarily with headlines that call for impact. This typeface is ideal for use at large sizes, and should be avoided for small text or long passages of text. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890!?@#$%&*{()}¢¶ Aa Aa Aa Aa GINTO NORD ▶ REGULAR MEDIUM BOLD BLACK

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 35 Typography To maintain the best visual hierarchy, Handshake uses a defined typographical system that is modern, clean and relevant to the brand image. Ginto Nord has a very limited application within our system, use primarily for headlines, callouts and quotes. Quotations or text with more than one sentence are set in Ginto Nord Regular for legibility purposes. Subheads are always set in Suisse Int’l. DISPLAY TYPE STYLES ▶ Apply where you have an edge The #1 way college students get hired. Launch your career “Handshake served as a vital bridge that allowed me to connect with employers and land my dream job.” LARGE HEADLINE GINTO NORD, BOLD SUB-HEAD SUISSE INT’L, BOOK SMALL HEADLINE GINTO NORD, MEDIUM QUOTES GINTO NORD, REGULAR

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 36 Typography Suisse Int’l is the brand’s core typeface, and is used for body text, small text, text-headlines and as well as captions and attributions. Suisse Int’l is always set in sentence case, with the exception of small captions. For smaller or in-text headlines, Suisse Int’l Bold is used to create visual hierarchy and distinction. Outside of the website, all of our text is aligned left. TEXT TYPE STYLES ▶ Fuel your work and empower your students JANE DOE • HOWARD UNIVERSITY Land a job or internship that sparks your unique interests. The top employers are on Handshake to hire students like you at Michigan Tech. Create your profile and have recruiters message you about jobs—not the other way around! TEXT HEADLINE SUISSE INT’L, BOLD CAPTIONS SUISSE INT’L, CAPS BODY TEXT SUISSE INT’L, BOOK

Land a job or internship that spark your unique interests. The top employers are on Handshake to hire students like you at Michigan Tech. Create your profile and have recruiters message “Handshake served as a vital bridge that allowed me to connect with employers and ultimately land my dream internship.” Help students get the most out of Handshake Handshake provides free resources to help your institution spread the word to students. Explore guides, presentations, videos, case studies, and more. THE #1 COLLEGE-TO- CAREER NETWORK Supercharge student engagement and connect with more than 500K employers. HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 37 Typography Hierarchy and legibility are key considerations when creating brand communications. Typography plays a critical role in information hierarchy, so following these established guidelines helps to ensure the brand is consistent. Please refrain from taking creative liberties with type layout, and avoid making common pitfalls as illustrated below. INCORRECT USAGE ▶ DO NOT USE GINTO FOR LONG PASSAGES OF TEXT DO NOT USE ITALICS FOR TYPESETTING. DO NOT USE SUISSE INTL, BOOK FOR HEADLINES DO NOT USE ALL CAPS FOR HEADLINES

Visual Toolkit

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 39 Extending throughout the brand’s visual system, our proprietary graphic asset serves to emphasize the brand proposition and bring a dynamic energy to the Handshake identity. Graphic Asset

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 40 Graphic Asset The Handshake stairstep is a visual representation of our brand’s mission. At its simplest, the shape represents the three-sided marketplace that defines our brand offering: Students, Education, and Employers. The geometry of the shape is also reminiscent of stairs — a simple, potent metaphor representing the journey of finding the next step for all of our users. HANDSHAKE STAIRSTEP ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 41 Graphic Asset There are several visual executions of the Handshake stairstep — application is depended on content and intended audience. “Find Your Next” is a proprietary brand tagline, and the only text permitted to lockup with the shape. If using the text lockup, it is important to maintain this exact custom placement at all times. The outlined shapes are secondary, and best used with imagery or patterns. HANDSHAKE STAIRSTEP ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 42 Graphic Asset The simplicity of the brand stairstep allows it to pair well with photography. The shape can serve as a container to hold photography, or as an outlined frame to overlay photography. Ecuptate dolores tibus. Eosanda eritature cone ent ea doluptas samento tatquis imperibusto quam quas et optibus esti sequis. ASSET IN USE ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 43 Graphic Asset Similar to the brand logo, the Handshake stairstep must retain the original design to establish it’s proprietary status. Altering or misusing the shape dilutes it’s strength as a signature brand asset. INCORRECT USAGE ▶ DO NOT CROP FACES, OR ODD CROPS DO NOT CHANGE THE RATIO OR SPACING OF “STEPS” WITH THE SHAPE DO NOT USE SHAPE OUTLINES WITH PHOTOGRAPHY

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 44 Layout These grid system guidelines give structure to the visual brand elements ensuring that the representation of our brand is consistent, reliable, and recognizably Handshake.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 45 Layout Following a prescriptive layout helps maintain consistency across Handshake’s external and internal communications. Defining the real estate on page and screen for logo placement serves as a signature; we want to include our identity on branded assets. Keep logo placement to the following corners based on the size and ratio of the application used. LOGO PLACEMENT ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 46 Layout Utilizing a grid helps to organize information and establish hierarchy. Grids can be used to apply graphic elements, imagery and text. For both print and digital formats, Handshake deploys three options for grid layout. Each of these options ensure that the design will be simple and clean, and provide a range of layouts based on the amount of content. GRID SYSTEM FOR PRINT ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 47 Layout The grid system for the Handshake website is narrowly defined; only one grid is used throughout the entire site. It is critical that all our webpages feel cohesive, so following the same grid is foundational for design. This 12 columns grid provides flexibility for both imagery and text, and offers the option for more modular layouts. GRID SYSTEM FOR WEB ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 48 Photography is an opportunity to be truly reflective of the communities we serve. Handshake is here for everyone and we want to show that. Our brand is built on optimism and authenticity — we want those traits to shine through. HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 48 Photography

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 49 Photography To maintain the spirit of Handshake, it’s important to curate the right images that accurately represent the brand. The photographic aesthetic should be cohesive in composition and tone. Using imagery that is warm and saturated conveys optimism, aligning well with the brand mission. Natural lighting is ideal, as it denotes authenticity. Brand photography should always aim to feel relatable to our audience. PHOTOGRAPHIC STYLE ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 50 Photography When sourcing or creating portrait photography, please be mindful to include images with natural lighting, energetic and optimistic expressions, and a broad spectrum of diversity (race/ethnicity, age, gender, career, etc.) Pictures of real students and early talent will help avoid inauthentic cliches and ensure we show up in the world as real and approachable. PORTRAIT ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 51 Photography Lifestyle photography aims to capture a moment in time, and should feel candid and authentic. This imagery should feel optimistic, but not contrived. The tone and expression of the subjects should match the environment and context of the photo. Aim to use to image compositions that features two or more subjects, as groups of people tend feel more natural and engaging. LIFESTYLE ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 52 Photography Campus or environmental photography helps to establish tone. Typically outdoor, these images should be bright and sunny — we want to showcase places that feel inviting. Environmental photography should balance architecture and with nature; trees, grass, plants, etc add texture and warmth to outdoors shots. It is preferable to include students, even if only in the background, when choosing campus imagery. CAMPUS ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 53 Photography Illustration primarily exists on Handshake’s digital channels. When implementing this style of illustration, it is recommended that the illustrations are contained in a full block of color, as demonstrated in the website section below. This gives the illustrations their own section with ample breathing room, and distinguishes this content from the rest of the page. PHOTOGRAPHY IN USE ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 54 Photography Photography is used to personify Handshake and make our brand experience relatable. With the ability to express nuance and sentiment in a single image, photography has the widest range of applications within our brand. Photos are ideal for use at a larger scale and are preferred for external- facing communications. WHEN TO USE PHOTOGRAPHY ▶ ADVERTISING & MARKETING PHOTOS ARE IDEAL FOR SHOWING AND APPEALING TO OUR AUDIENCE REPORTS AND GUIDES PHOTOGRAPHY BALANCES OUT TEXT AND INFORMATION TO PROVIDE PAGE RHYTHM WEBSITE PHOTOGRAPHY IS INVITING AND INSPIRING TO OUR AUDIENCE SOCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY IS USED TO SHOWCASE OUR AUDIENCE EMAIL PHOTOGRAPHY CAN BE USED FOR HEADERS TO EXPRESS AN IDEA OR SENTIMENT PRESENTATIONS PHOTOGRAPHY CAN COMPLEMENT A BIG IDEA

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 55 Photography Photography is the quickest way to establish tone. It’s important that Handshake imagery aligns with our content and communication style. Choosing photos that are dreary, distracting or unapproachable can detract from our brand message. Additionally, using too broad of a photographic aesthetic can create inconsistencies in our visual voice. INCORRECT USAGE ▶ DO NOT USE IMAGES OR SITUATIONS THAT DO NOT FEEL GENUINE DO NOT USE IMAGERY THAT IS OVERLY BUSY AND CLUTTERED DO NOT USE IMAGES THAT FEEL DRAB AND LACK OPTIMISM DO NOT USE IMAGERY THAT HAS DISTRACTING LIGHTING EFFECTS DO NOT CHANGE THE HUE OR SATURATION DO NOT USE B&W PHOTOGRAPHY

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 56 Iconography Icons serve as quick-read and literal illustrations focusing on one main idea. Usually simple in form, icons are efficient and easy to understand. Handshake’s system of icons serve as a tool to explain and emphasize our messaging in a single glance.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 57 Iconography The Handshake icon style is simple and geometric in form, and uses a hard-edge shadow offset to give the icons an extra pop of personality. Handshake icons are always one color plus the dark outline and shadow color. Additionally, these assets must be similar in size and visual complexity. Icons can be used alone to emphasize a single idea, or in sets to express several different value propositions. ICON SYSTEM ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 58 Iconography Using iconography consistently will maximize recognition and ownability. Please follow this guide to ensure we use a unified system of icons that correlates with our messaging. MAIL • NOTIFICATIONS EXPLORATION • DISCOVERY LOCATION EVENTS • APPOINTMENTS CUSTOMIZE • FILTER SETTINGS • UPDATES CHAT • TALK NEXT • FUTURE • DIRECTION STUDYING • KNOWLEDGE RESUME • APPLICATION GROWTH • ANALYTICS IDEAS • INNOVATION SEARCH USER • EMPLOYER GROUPS • STUDENTS NETWORK • CONNECTION APPLY • FILL-OUT PRIVACY • SECURITY MESSAGING VIRTUAL • ONLINE WEB • PRODUCT VIRTUAL MEETING • VIDEO UPLOAD ACCOMPLISHMENT If you are looking for an icon that isn’t represented here, please contact the design team. ICON SYSTEM ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 59 Iconography The purpose of our icon library is to provide extra context and comprehension of brand messaging. It is recommended to use icons in tandem with a short blurb of text. ICONS IN USE ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 60 Top Reasons Students Attended Virtual Fairs Learn about the company culture and jobs Make personal connections through 1:1 sessions To best engage students in a virtual career fair, however, will entail a bit of creativity Iconography Icons function to be communicative and hard working. These assets are ideal for breaking down a big idea or providing emphasis to a message. Icons work best in sets. WHEN TO USE ICONOGRAPHY ▶ WEBSITE ICONS HELP TO MAKE TEXT EASY TO COMPREHEND REPORTS AND GUIDES ICONS CAN BE USED TO REPRESENT DATA AND RESEARCH EMAIL ICONS ARE USED TO ILLUSTRATE OUR PRODUCT OFFERING OR VALUE PROPS PRESENTATIONS ICONS ARE USED TO BREAK DOWN A BIG IDEA INTO DIGESTIBLE NUGGETS

Find jobs for you Receive personalized job recommendations Explore careers Learn about career paths and explore jobs that are right for HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES -1-( 61 Iconography Our icons were designed to communicate quickly and effectively across all touchpoints. Failure to use our icon system correctly and consistently can result in an incoherent message. INCORRECT USAGE ▶ DO NOT USE ICONS WITHOUT AN OUTLINE DO NOT PLACE THE ICON BELOW TEXT. ICONS LOCKUP ABOVE OR TO THE RIGHT OF TEXT. DO NOT USE MULTIPLE COLORS WITHIN ONE ICON DO NOT USE MULTIPLE ICONS FOR ONE IDEA OR VALUE PROPOSITION DO NOT USE INCONSISTENT SIZING FOR ICONS, ESPECIALLY IN ICON SETS DO NOT USE A LIGHT SHADOW. PLEASE USE MIDNIGHT OR BLACK ONLY Get hired Apply to jobs meant for students like you Attend virtual events Stand out to employers during virtual fairs and events

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 62 Illustration develops the brand personality and functions as a visual toolkit to make our communications uniquely Handshake. These assets are stylized to be distinct to our brand expression and can continue to evolve with the brand’s growth. HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 62 Illustration

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 63 Illustration Stylized illustration provide additional character and personality to Handshake’s brand communications. Playful and energetic, these illustrations are a secondary form of visual expression and offer variation from photography. Our branded illustrative aesthetic is simple and utilizes a monotone color palette with a handdrawn pattern or texture. ILLUSTRATION STYLE ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 64 Illustration Illustration primarily exists on Handshake’s digital channels. When implementing this style of illustration, it is recommended that the illustrations are contained in a full block of color, as demonstrated in the website below. This gives the illustrations their own section with ample breathing room, and distinguishes this content from the rest of the page. ILLUSTRATION IN USE ▶

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 65 Illustration Handshake’s illustration style is more playful by design and should be implemented where levity is appropriate. Unlike icons, illustrations are more evocative and expressive and can be used in a wider range of applications. These assets can be used for announcements, emphasis, or explanation. Social channels are ideal for illustration, allowing these assets to stand on their own. ILLUSTRATION IN USE ▶ GIVE AWAY


Find jobs for you Receive personalized job Explore careers Learn about career paths and HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 67 Illustration Handshake’s illustrations provide a branded feel and make it easy to digest and understand at a glance. It is critical that our illustration assets are not overused and are implemented correctly. INCORRECT USAGE ▶ DO NOT USE MULTPLE ILLUSTRATIONS IN ONE SECTION DO NOT MIX PHOTOGRAPHY WITH ILLUSTRATION IN THE SAME COMMUNICATION DO NOT SCALE THE ILLUSTRATION TOO SMALL THAT IT IS ILLEGIBLE DO NOT PLACE THE ILLUSTRATIONS ON A COLOR FIELD THAT DOES NOT COORDINATE WITH THE MONOTONE THEME Stand out. Get hired. The top employers are on Handshake to hire students like you at your school.

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 68 If you are having trouble with anything in this guide, or you are unsure if your communication best represents the Handshake Brand, please contact a member of the Handshake design team. HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 68 Appendix

HANDSHAKE BRAND GUIDELINES 2021 69 Glossary CMYK Abbreviations for the colors Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), and Black (K), the inks used in four-color printing. When these inks are combined in they can produce a wide spectrum of color. COLOR PALETTE A combination of colors that are intended to be used together. In this case the colors are a key part of the branded experience and help form a sense of place. KERNING Adjustment of spacing between a pair of type characters. LEADING The space between lines of type. It is generally measured from baseline to baseline and expressed in points. LOCKUP The fixed arrangement of one, two, or more graphic elements — such as a logo and web address etc. — to create a single unit. LOGO A specific mark that is a combination of letters, symbols, or graphics used to identify a brand in a single instance. Logos often embody the core values of a brand and use the brand colors. PANTONE (PMS) Pantone Matching System (PMS) is the world standard for the specification of printed inks between designers and printers. RGB Screen-based applications such as websites and apps typically select their color palette from the RGB color system - a palette containing differing combinations of Red (R), Green (G), and Blue (B). TYPEFACE In typography, a typeface (also known as font family) is a set of one or more fonts each composed of glyphs that share common design features. Each font of a typeface has a specific weight and/or style. PayPal Forward is the official PayPal typeface.

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