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3. Strong workflow efficiency helps teams spreadsheet. These teams all work in different physical connect data and surpass goals locations, so the lack of a single source of truth for photo shoot information created a considerable disconnect Korin Thorig, VP of Creative Operations at West Elm, across teams.” didn’t go into marketing because she’s passionate about workflows. She’s focused on the bigger picture, asking user-focused questions like: “How does our product make people more comfortable at home?” She found herself up against a major tension in her workday, balancing high-impact work and manual, mundane tasks. So Korin set out to reimagine West Elm’s customer experience and transform their content for the digital age. “But there was one glaring problem. Every single one of [our] images moves across seven different departments, each with their own workflow, before it ever reaches a customer,” Korin told Airtable. “Managing this scope of content across photo production, merchandising, warehouse, samples teams, and more required lots of manual work. The data for each photo (the SKU, shot list, including color, dimensions and angles) all lived in a basic Korin Thorig, VP of Creative Operations at West Elm This report found that Korin’s experience isn’t isolated, The role of workflow efficiency in marketing with only 11% of marketing leaders reporting that their A workflow is a repeatable, multi-step process that helps workflow for shipping content and campaigns is ‘very teams meet their goals by activating the right people, with efficient’, and more than half (51%) of marketing leaders the right information, at the right time, across the right reporting that their teams’ workflow for shipping content systems. The best workflows give marketing teams the and campaigns is outdated or tends to be ad-hoc. ability to stay aligned yet flexible at the team level—so content, comms, creative, campaigns, and all of marketing can drive shared impact while working the way they want. Hcodapoktnagidltpntondopntdnstaodntpan’docokfcond codnsammagid cgntgndpgnd pampaign Vcry iicfficie 1% Modcraecly iicfficie 8% Slighely iicfficie 1=% Slighely cfficie 33% Modcraecly cfficie 31% Vcry cfficie 11% 24 Airtable 2022 Marketing trends report

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