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Our approach Our goal is to provide a diverse portfolio of products that contribute to the well-being of our consumers and meet a variety of their needs. We are committed to making food with passion and putting people first by improving the nutrient density, affordability, and accessibility of our products. At General Mills, we view nutrition as a source of growth and as a force for good. Our aspiration: We recognize the importance of our foods in consumers’ lives, and we provide a variety of foods that fit with our consumers’ budgets, time, tastes and nutritional needs. We understand the importance of sustainable food systems and the critical role the food industry can play in meeting these needs. We aspire to provide nutrient-dense foods that are made with ingredients grown using regenerative agricultural practices, that are affordable, easy to prepare and that the whole family loves. Learn more about our leadership in sustainable food systems and our sustainable sourcing practices in the Planet section of this report. Investment in research: We invest in research and development (R&D) to improve the nutrient density of our products and help us better understand the impact of food on health and wellness. We believe in cross-sector dialogue and diverse partnerships to advance nutrition research in support of public health. We collaborate with a range of scientists, universities, consortiums and organizations across the globe to advance nutrition science and help answer multifaceted nutrition problems. We are dedicated to discussing our policies and practices openly and transparently. Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition: General Mills’ global Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition is the company’s source for scientific health and nutrition expertise that creates value and growth for General Mills. The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition is a team of scientists and registered dietitians who guide General Mills’ product development through: n Nutrition science research n Insights on nutrition claims and regulatory matters n Health communications to customers, nutrition professionals and consumers n Nutrition recommendations for product innovation and reformulation Learn more on the Bell Institute website . Leadership and governance: Responsibility for product development and marketing lies within the R&D and marketing organizations, respectively. Responsibility for marketing communications is held by the Chief Strategy and Growth Officer. The Chief Innovation, Technology and Quality Officer is responsible for the areas of product nutrition, safety and labeling. The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition reports to the Chief Innovation, Technology and Quality Officer who approves the overall health and wellness strategy and updates the Public Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors. Health and Wellness Advisory Council: Since 1989, our Health and Wellness Advisory Council of globally recognized external academic experts in health and nutrition meets regularly to provide feedback on our nutrition strategies and actions. Learn more about our Nutrition and Food Safety Partnerships and Collaborations. Nutrition policy: Globally, we engage transparently on nutrition policy topics through public engagement opportunities to provide evidence- based positions that support public health concepts like nutrient density, fortification, whole grain and healthy dietary patterns. For more information about where and how we engage on nutrition policy topics, please see the public policy content in the report’s Introduction section. Nutrition CHIEF INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY AND QUALITY OFFICER HEALTH AND WELLNESS ADVISORY COUNCIL PRODUCT MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT BELL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH AND NUTRITION CHIEF STRATEGY AND GROWTH OFFICER CEO, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD GENERAL MILLS GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY 10 Food Planet People Community

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