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strategic partners to help us enable social and environmental progress in these value chains, such as our work with Conservation International in 2021 to review and strengthen our engagement in seafood supply chains, including risk assessment and mitigation strategies and identification of potential environmental and social impact opportunities. Similarly, our partners at Proforest conducted a human rights risk assessment related to our cocoa, sugarcane and palm oil supply chains in 2021 to enable us to proactively identify and respond to potential or emerging risk areas. As we learn from our partners, we will continue to strengthen our approach to address supply chain risks. Learn more about our efforts in the ingredient sourcing portion of the Planet section of this report. Looking ahead: Our journey to advance human rights is one of continuous improvement. As we grow and develop our program, we plan to expand our disclosures in line with the UNGP reporting framework. Our focus in the coming year includes: n Continue building due diligence capabilities to proactively identify risks where impacts to people are most severe across our value chain n Integrating human rights considerations into environmental strategies n Increasing employee awareness of our enhanced human rights strategy n Continue integrating expectations into standard business processes n Articulating human rights priorities and metrics for measuring impact for greater accountability Our approach: General Mills is committed to creating a culture that ensures zero harm to our employees and the environment. Working safely and in an environmentally conscious manner is not simply a matter of personal accountability or choice. As a corporation, we relentlessly seek to learn from our work and improve controls to prevent and mitigate significant safety and environmental events. Systems: We communicate safety information and measure progress with the following systems: n We use a single, standardized Environmental and Safety Management System (ESMS) at our supply chain locations and ensure uniform implementation of standards globally through functional auditing and a regional support structure. n Through our Global Safety Tracking and Environmental Management System (GSTEMS), we track safety data at all production facilities worldwide, document necessary actions to reduce future risks and communicate progress. Our progress: General Mills has a history of strong safety performance and culture. In fiscal 2021, we took bold steps forward by implementing new injury and illness reporting criteria and metrics to improve our safety culture and focus more intently on eliminating incidents and situations with the greatest potential to significantly harm our people. The decision to change our reporting criteria and metrics was informed by current best practices for preventing serious injuries and fatalities (SIF), including insights from The Campbell Institute Center of Environmental Health and Workplace safety DIVERSIFYING farmer incomes and improving livelihoods ADVANCING supply chain traceability and supplier engagement to advance social and environmental ambitions for palm oil IMPROVING smallholder livelihoods and reducing deforestation through origin-level investment in Indonesia with Musim Mas ACHIEVING Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification PROVIDING clean cookstoves to improve health IMPROVING agricultural productivity and ecological resilience ENGAGING with community members to mitigate and prevent child labor EMPOWERING women and communities through Village Savings and Loan Associations, women’s groups and community development committees Cocoa * Palm oil ** Making a positive impact on people’s lives Illustrated below are examples of human rights impacts across our cocoa and palm oil supply chains. *Impact achieved in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana through: the Cocoa Sustainability Initiative (CSI) created by General Mills and CARE International ; partnership with PUR Projet ; support for Cocoa Horizons and Cocoa Promise supplier programs; action plans developed with Proforest ; and membership in the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) . **Action through partnership with Proforest for supplier engagement, supply chain traceability, grievance management, sectoral collaboration via Consumer Goods Forum Forest Positive Coalition of Action; certification through purchasing RSPO Mass Balance palm and PalmTrace credits; and smallholder integration program at origin with Musim Mas Group. GENERAL MILLS GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY 45 Food Planet People Community

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