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82 2021-22 Corporate Responsibility Report Sharing Valuable Skills We believe the skills employees bring to volunteering are as important as the time they contribute. For example, in 2021 our legal team donated over 1,500 hours, estimated to be valued at over $375,000. 1 This is particularly significant given the crit - ical community need and the cost nonprofits and schools would incur if they had to pay for the services that are delivered at no charge through our volunteers. Another employee began working with Sense International in 2019, translating content to help empower thousands of children and adults with deafblindness across India. He applied for a Intel Foundation Seed Grant to implement online training for parents, caregivers, and educators to support children with deafblindness, and is heavily involved in the operations of the cause. He has also worked to recruit and organize more than 100 Intel volunteers for the project. 2030 Goal: Community Impact Description. Deliver 10 million volunteer hours to improve our local communities, including an increase in skills-based volunteerism. Baseline. Progress measured from baseline of Jan. 1, 2020. Progress in 2021.  While the pandemic continued to limit opportunities for some types of in-person volunteerism, during 2021, our employees donated 848,000 hours of service in our local communities. Included were many COVID-19-related projects that leveraged employees' technology skills and expertise. Looking Ahead. In 2022, our target is to reach 1 million volunteer hours, and to continue to expand our skills-based volunteering activities. 2021 Volunteerism by the Numbers 20% Percentage of employees who volunteered 848,000 Number of hours $6.7 M Total dollars matched by the Intel Foundation for Intel Involved volunteer hours. 2 $24.2 M Estimated in-kind value of volunteer hours. 3 1 Based on Taproot’s Pro Bono executive legal valuation rate of $195/hr. 2 Volunteer payments made in 2021 are for 2020 hours. Payments are processed once the year closes. 3 Based on the 2021 Value of Volunteer Time rate of $28.54 per hour published by Independent Sector. Introduction Our Business Responsible Inclusive Sustainable Appendix Enabling

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