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21 2021-22 Corporate Responsibility Report Communication and Employee Engagement Our success depends on employees understanding how their work contributes to the company’s overall strategy. We use a variety of channels to facilitate open and direct communication, including online forums, open forums with executives, employee experience surveys, and engagement through more than 35 different employee resource groups. The semiannual Employee Experience Survey invites our entire employee population to provide feedback on Intel culture, management, career oppor - tunities, compensation, and benefits. We also have an Employee Inclusion Survey to help us understand how different employee populations experience inclusion at Intel. In addition, employees provide direct feedback on their managers and leaders through the annual Manager Development Feedback survey, and individual business groups conduct their own surveys to gather employee input and assess progress. For example, our Ethics Program Office surveys employees on the state of ethics at the company, and our Corporate Services organization measures satisfaction with workplace design, cafeterias, and other on-site employee services. Growth and Development Our employees develop their skills and strengthen their leadership abilities through our extensive training programs and rotational opportunities. Each year, we deliver a portfolio of learning resources that help employees keep their skills up-to-date. We also provide financial assistance for job-related degrees and course - work, as well as support to enable employees to attend industry conferences. In 2021, we increased our virtual learning platform offerings to include more technical, innovative, and collaborative skills training and programs. We reinforced our on-the-job development opportunities through rotation or temporary assignment programs (“gigs”). Our web-based development tool enables employees to apply for gigs across the company. In addition, our US Recognition and Appreciation A top priority for Intel is celebrating the accom - plishments of our employees through everyday thank-yous, as well as formal recognition programs with cash or stock awards. Formal programs include the Intel Achievement Awards; Intel Environmental Excellence Awards; Intel Quality Awards; Global Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Impact Awards; Division Recognition Awards; Spontaneous Recognition Awards; and the Intel Involved Hero Awards. sabbatical program creates growth opportunities through job coverage assignments that enable employees to work in different Intel organizations or learn new skills without transferring positions. These opportunities enable employees to work on short-term projects that help them gain new experiences, build valuable skills, expand their networks, and grow their careers. We are evaluating our compliance training strategy to look for opportunities to streamline compliance training hours while improving training quality to make it more impactful. Our goal is to reach a corporate benchmark of four or fewer hours of compliance training per year per employee while still meeting legal and ethics requirements. 2021 Learning and Development Required Training As part of our learning and development programs, Intel employees are required to take trainings covering legal and ethics standards, as well as operational and technical compliance. In 2021, those trainings averaged 12 hours for each of our nearly 128,000 employees, for a total of more than 1.5 million hours. Employee Experience Survey Highlights 100% My organization encourages safety, health. 95% Intel provides opportunity for learning and development. 95% My work gives me a feeling of personal accomplishment. 90% I am treated with dignity and respect at work. 93% My job is challenging and interesting. Responses from the 2021 Employee Experience Survey. We also have an Employee Inclusion Survey to help us understand how different employee populations identify and experience inclusion. Introduction Responsible Inclusive Sustainable Enabling Appendix Our Business

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