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48 2021-22 Corporate Responsibility Report Inclusive: Our Approach Diversity and inclusion are instrumental in driving innovation and delivering strong business growth. We hold ourselves, our people, our leaders, and the industries we lead to the highest standard by creating an inclusive culture for all and advancing diversity and inclusion in the industry and beyond. For more than a decade, we have taken actions to deeply integrate diversity and inclusion expectations into our culture, performance management systems, leadership expectations, and annual bonus metrics. We transpar - ently report our representation and pay equity data to hold ourselves accountable and encourage action by others. This is not added work, it’s how we work. Through an integrated strategy focused on hiring, reten - tion, and progression, we reached full representation 1 of underrepresented minorities and women in our US workforce, and achieved gender pay equity globally and race/ethnicity pay equity in the US. We are proud of what we have accomplished to date, but we recognize we still have work to do, including beyond the walls of Intel. Our RISE strategy and 2030 goals set our global ambitions for where we want to be at the end of the decade. We will continue to advance inclusion in our workforce using a holistic approach toward representa - tion, pay equity, and creating an inclusive and accessible culture that enables employees to develop and progress in their careers at all levels. In 2021, we continued to link a portion of our executive and employee compensation to diversity and inclusion metrics to drive accountability and progress. Just as we value diversity and inclusion to foster innovation within Intel, our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to our suppliers. Our vision to grow a diverse and inclusive global supply chain includes increasing our annual spending with diverse-owned suppliers to $2 billion by 2030, as well as working with others to expand and enable inclusive sourcing practices across the industry. We know that today’s greatest challenges require a shared commitment to a plan and meaningful action to advance inclusion and social equity. That is why we committed our scale, expertise, and reach and launched the Alliance for Global Inclusion in 2021 with the goal of creating and implementing an Inclusion Index with unified goals and metrics. We work with a broad range of stakeholders on initiatives that expand the diverse pipeline of talent for our industry. We aspire to make technology fully inclusive and expand technology access and digital readiness for millions of people around the world who currently do not have the technology skills or access needed to participate and thrive in our digital economy. 1 In 2018, Intel met full representation of its workforce, meaning our workforce reflected the percentage of women and underrepresented minorities available in the US skilled labor market. 2030 RISE: Inclusive Goals, Initiatives, and Global Challenges Global Challenge : Make technology fully inclusive and expand digital readiness. Technology Industry Initiatives: Inclusion Index. Drive full inclusion and accessibility across the technology industry by creating and implementing a Global Inclusion Index with common metrics to advance progress. Inclusive Pipeline. Expand the inclusive pipeline of talent for our industry through innovative global education initiatives and STEM programs for girls and underrepresented groups. Operational and Supply Chain Goals: Senior Leadership. Double the number of women and underrepresented minorities in senior leadership roles. Technical Roles. Exceed 40% representation of women in technical positions. Inclusive Leadership. Ensure that inclusive leadership practices and accountability are embedded in our culture globally by creating and adopting an inclusive leader certification program. Accessibility and Disability Inclusion. Advance accessibility and increase the percentage of employees who self-identify as having a disability to 10% of our workforce. Supplier Diversity. Increase global annual spending with diverse suppliers by 100% (to $2 billion). Introduction Our Business Responsible Sustainable Enabling Appendix Introduction Our Business Responsible Sustainable Enabling Appendix Inclusive Inclusive

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