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50 2021-22 Corporate Responsibility Report Raising the Bar Intel’s ambitious goals are designed to continue to raise the bar for ourselves and the industry to deliver greater value through corporate responsibility excellence. We will achieve those goals by strengthening our systems, processes, and programs to drive diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility throughout our workforce. To the right are descriptions of two of our workforce inclusion goals and progress we made in 2021. Read about our other 2030 inclusion goals in “ Accessibility and Disability Inclusion “ and “ Supplier Diversity and Inclusion .“ 2030 Goal: Representation in Senior Leadership Description. Double the number of women and underrepresented minorities (URMs) in senior leadership roles. Baseline.  1,250 women and 380 URMs in senior leadership roles as of April 30, 2020. 5  Target for 2030 is to reach 2,500 women and 760 URMs in senior leadership. Progress in 2021. During 2021 we surpassed by 74 our milestone goal of reaching 1,375 women in leadership roles, ending the year with 1,449 women in senior leadership roles across the globe. The above-and-beyond results in 2021 set us up to continue making progress in women in senior leadership. Although the absolute number of women leaders increased, given the overall growth of the company, relative representation of women leaders decreased  0.1 percentage points. Our US URM senior leaders also increased, from 384 to 444. For 2021, we established a mile - stone goal to increase representation by 10% of Black/African American employees in senior, director, and executive roles in our US population. We exceeded this milestone, increasing representation by 11%. Looking Ahead. We are on track to achieve our 2030 goal. We acknowledge the opportunity to leverage the company’s growth and IDM 2.0 strategy to further progress the representation of women and URMs in our workforce. 2030 Goal: Women in Technical Positions Description. Exceed 40% representation of women in technical positions. Baseline. 24.9% of technical roles held by women globally as of April 30, 2020. 5   Progress in 2021. At the end of 2021, 24.3% of technical roles were held by women, a decrease from 25.2% at the end of 2020, despite the company having grown its technical headcount by 8.8%. Looking Ahead.  To meet our goal of increasing representation of women in technical roles to 40%, we will be implementing targeted programs to increase the number of women hired for technician, engineering hardware and software roles through sourcing, pipelining and workforce development initiatives. To drive additional corporate level focus we have made this an Annual Performance Bonus goal for all employees in 2022. In addition, we set a goal that our hiring for technical entry-level roles is at least 30% women. 5 We selected the April 30 baseline to align with the completion of our annual performance review process and promotion cycle. Introduction Our Business Responsible Sustainable Enabling Appendix Introduction Our Business Responsible Sustainable Enabling Appendix Inclusive Inclusive

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