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84 2021-22 Corporate Responsibility Report Intel Foundation: Rising to the Future Since 1988, the Intel Foundation has given more than $760 million to enable positive social impact. The Foundation’s work is guided by the passion of Intel’s people and the company’s commitment to equitable access to education and opportunity. The Intel Foundation embraces a bold vision: empowering human potential and igniting positive change to drive an even deeper impact in the future and advance gender and racial equity and social justice globally. To achieve this vision, the Foundation has accelerated its mission to empower youth and communities with the skills and confidence to advance and excel by bringing people, partnerships, and technology together. Watch the video . The Foundation collaborates with nonprofit, public and private organizations, and schools to create and deploy global solutions by contributing thought leadership and financial resources to innovative programs that support underserved populations. The Foundation’s priorities include: Amplifying employees’ time and generosity: The Foundation connects employees’ and US retiree’ passions to philanthropy to take on global challenges and meet community needs through matching funds to schools and nonprofit organizations where our employees and US retirees volunteer and make donations. Promoting STEM education: Recognizing the life-changing power of technology and learning, the Foundation champions immersive STEM experiences to help ensure that the next generation of innovators is diverse and inclusive. Responding to humanitarian crises and natural disasters: When humanitarian crises or natural disasters strike, the Foundation matches employees’ donations to support communities and provides options for employees to make their donations count where and when they are needed most to achieve long-term impact. The Foundation continues to collaborate with the STEM Next Opportunity Fund on the Million Girls Moonshot to engage more girls in STEM. To learn more, see “ Building a Diverse Technology Industry ” in the Inclusive section of this report. Setting New Heights for Humanitarian Crises and Natural Disaster Relief In 2021, the Foundation supported emergency response organizations responding to an increased number of humanitarian crises and natural disasters, including wildfires, floods, winter storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, COVID-19, and more. Through the Intel Foundation Humanitarian Crises and Disaster Relief program, 16 campaigns raised nearly $2 million in donations and matches to aid recovery across 13 countries. More recently, the Foundation launched an employee donation campaign in response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Together, the Foundation and Intel employees raised over $2 million to support Ukraine aid efforts. I'm extremely thankful to Intel for giving us an opportunity to do our bit during these challenging times. It is heartening to know that fellow Intel employees rose to the occasion, and we met the original goal so quickly. I hope the outpouring of help and support continues until the situation stabilizes back in India. I did my bit and hope everyone does too. —Intel employee, following the donation of $250,000 by employees within 24 hours to help combat the devastating spread of the coronavirus in India. Foundation and Corporate Giving 2021 Contributions (in millions) Forms of Giving US International To t a l Corporate Cash $29.6 $13.6 $43.1 Foundation Foundation Grants $2.0 $0.3 $2.3 Donation Matching $15.8 $5.7 $21.5 Volunteer Matching $4.1 $3.1 $7.2 In-Kind Giving $1.4 $0.5 $1.9 To t a l $52.9 $23.1 $76.0 In 2021, charitable giving by Intel and the Intel Foundation totaled $76.0 million, compared with $80.4 million in 2020. As part of our social impact strategy, we work with a broad range of nonprofit and education partners, including providing grants and other in-kind support. For all of our contributions, we maintain control and review processes to track contributions and ensure alignment with Intel’s values and strategy. Recipients of grants from Intel and the Intel Foundation are required to verify compliance with Intel’s non-discrimination policy. In 2021, examples of funded organizations receiving significant grants in each of our giving categories included: Higher Ed (University of California at Berkeley, National Science Foundation), K-12 Education (STEM Next Opportunity Fund, Penang Science Cluster), and Community and Civic Organizations (American Heart Association, US India Friendship Alliance Inc). 1 Includes organizations focused on addressing community needs, disaster relief, diversity and inclusion, environmental impact, arts and culture, and other civic-related activities. Community and Civic Organizations 1 Higher Education K-12 Education 44% 14% 42% Community Giving by Category Introduction Our Business Responsible Inclusive Sustainable Appendix Enabling

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