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I got a little preview of a post-college world THE EVOLVING could look like when talking with a former Facebook employee a couple of weeks ago. FUTURE OF THE This gentleman had taken the courses required to become a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional when it comes to using COLLEGE EDUCATION their ad exchange tools. The certification’s demands are pretty extensive; Facebook has loaded its advertising tools full of Harvard and Stanford and their peers will variations and subtleties. As he spent a few survive any economy—their well-heeled hours trying to explain the exchange to me benefactors will surely see to that fate—but and several others, we were fascinated but as for the mid-to-lower tier schools, and most soon overwhelmed. I have to hire this kid, certainly the egregious for-profit schools, the I thought to myself, because I’ll never learn future is looking shaky. how to do this stuff as well as he can. With considerable alacrity, he’d reinvented his entire career, and taught himself a valuable skill. 142

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