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Lizenzen 10 Now imagine a CEO walking around with an app Rabatt 0% that contained all the data in the world about her/his Single Sux company, so that any query could be answered. Group 27,000 Professional 70,000 7000 Enterprise 135,000 1.3500 Unlimited 270,000 2.7000 “ What products are the most profitable Open as App 5,00 50 among Gen Xers in Europe? What sells the Mixed Professional 20 1.4000 most volume worldwide, by year, for the Enterprise 20 2.7000 Unlimited 5 1.3500 last 10 years?” 45 5.4500 These sorts of data inquiries are still handled the Open As App is an application that can extremely old fashioned way — executives’ opinions are instantly turn your boring Excel data asked. They mine through troves of data and give an into an interactive mobile app. opinion on it, which to varying degree may be correct. Such requests can take weeks or even months to complete, review, comprehend, edit. 141

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