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Disability inclusion visibility among clients, candidates and third- together regularly for networking, collaborating Nearly party partner organizations. and mentoring. Our commitment starts at the top and is led by Abilities Unleashed, our new, award-winning 36,000 According to our global research, companies our Disability Council, which defines priorities, disability inclusion leadership development of our people are in our that fully include employees with disabilities measures progress, offers support across the program, enables our people with disabilities grow faster than their peers. Yet, employees different areas of our company and provides to feel empowered, plan their career journeys, Disability Inclusion with disabilities around the world say they often budget oversight for disability inclusion. We have build their network and collaborate across the Champion Network feel excluded and unsupported. Our findings invested in our applications to ensure that at company. The program began in Europe and is uncovered eight important factors that leaders least 75% are accessible and have supplemental expanding to Asia and North America, bringing can consider to build more inclusive cultures resources to navigate additional accessibility additional aspiring leaders into its fold. for all employees to unlock their—and their requirements. Through our Adjustment Request companies’—full potential. Tool, our people with disabilities can easily ask for Our focus on enablement means we welcome an accommodation such as assistive technology, people with different abilities. We provide access flexible work arrangements, sign language to technology and people-centric programs interpreters, screen readers and more. The tool that allow persons with disabilities to achieve is now available in 16 countries, and we plan to success in a barrier-free workplace. These include expand availability going forward. using AI to create applications that improve We continue to create a safe environment for accessibility for people with hearing- or sight- our people with disabilities to self-identify, and related disabilities. These efforts, which include more than 7,800 of our people have done so. Our public advocacy and the expansion of our internal Disability Inclusion Champion network of nearly accommodation programs, have raised our 36,000 brings our people, supporters and friends United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020 | 19

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