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At Accenture, innovation and running a Our ethical and set out the labor standards, human rights Responsible responsible business go hand in hand procurement strategy principles, and other legal and ethical standards especially in times of economic and social we require our suppliers to meet. In the spirit of procurement uncertainty. We make it a priority to pay our continuous improvement, we continue to evolve suppliers in a timely manner, because—whether Our ethical procurement strategy directs our our global Supplier Standards of Conduct in line a Fortune 500 company or small- and medium- key employee training, how we select our with our commitment to responsible business. sized enterprises (SMEs) supplier—running a suppliers and the development of our high Additionally, we annually review our supply chain Beyond transactional procurement with our responsible, innovative and digital-first business standards for conducting business with our strategy through the lens of our COBE and the partners and suppliers, Procurement Plus requires adequate cash flow. We want to suppliers. To continue encouraging broader UNGC Principles as part of our efforts to set addresses four thematic pillars to advance help ensure our suppliers have the necessary transparency within our supply chains, we industry standards for maintaining an ethical responsible buying: the environment, human resources to continue innovating and operating require all suppliers—regardless of category supply chain. This is particularly important as rights, supplier inclusion and sustainability, and as efficiently as possible. Supplier Standards of part of our continuing efforts to encourage our or size—to adhere to our the future of work. This approach informs every Conduct or to make an equivalent commitment. suppliers to pay a living wage. aspect of our supply chain, building stronger In the United Kingdom, we are a signatory to the We bring this to life by frequently hosting open partnerships and making us more transparent, Prompt Payment Code and consistently make discussions with suppliers across the business agile and ethical. Our buying program influences more than 95% of our U.K. payments within and have a strong Global Diverse Supplier key initiatives such as our award-winning 60 days. We also have a continual focus on Development Program (DSDP). Global Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability Program. ensuring that we pay our suppliers globally on Part of that initiative involves working within our time, within the payment terms agreed. In early As with our Code of Business Ethics (COBE), our ecosystem to identify, develop and work with 2020, we founded a Payment on Time Centre of Supplier Standards of Conduct reflect our core small/diverse and adaptive suppliers. We also Excellence to drive continuous improvements values and our commitment to the 10 Principles require suppliers to provide information and and efficiencies globally in this area. of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). data on how they are improving their business As an active Global Compact LEAD participant performance to reduce their environmental and signatory to the 10 Principles, we strive to impact, which, in turn, helps us improve lead by example in upholding its principles. our performance. These Standards are published in 20 languages Caroline, Managing Director – Technology, Financial Services, Toronto, Canada United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020 | 43

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