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In fiscal 2020, nearly 400 of our people Missing Maps: In fiscal 2020, our people Volunteering volunteered more than 3,300 hours to provide Supporting COVID-19 contributed approximately training to nearly 2,000 students in a safe, response efforts virtual environment. 1.3 million Volunteering is one of the many ways our hours of their time people can bring their time and skills to make a difference while growing in their careers. In Hour of Code: Through our partnership with Humanitarian to making a positive March 2020, our volunteering program shifted Empowering students across the OpenStreetMap Team, our people helped digitally social impact through to purely virtual volunteering. This allowed our map communities vulnerable to disasters. volunteering, pro bono people to continue to make a difference from globe to build coding capabilities This year’s efforts specifically provided local home and help our partners address real needs governments and NGOs the critical information work and Accenture during a challenging time. In some cases it needed to provide COVID-19 relief and support. Development Partnerships has increased the accessibility of volunteering Over six years, tens of thousands of our people This year, we saw a record turnout from our opportunities for our people. globally have volunteered with Hour of Code. people across 32 countries, mapping more than We believe that by learning to code, children 4,000 square kilometers and 230,000 buildings. and teenagers will have a powerful tool that We mapped an area home to approximately CoderDojo: will help them achieve success in the future. In 990,000 people for future relief efforts. Sparking an early interest 2020, our people drove record participation, in technology organizing events in 36 countries and spending nearly 15,000 hours delivering classes to 34,000 students across the globe. Around the world, our people mentor primary and secondary students by introducing them to coding through interactive computer science projects at our CoderDojo locations. United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020 | 31

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