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Mental health and wellness Additionally, we offer our people a variety of and purpose, but also stay physically energized digital tools to support their mental health and and mentally focused in our hyper-connected, wellness: digital world. We have made mental wellness a cornerstone Talkspace: Confidential virtual counseling and In February 2020, we began offering Thriving CLIENT SPOTLIGHT of our commitment to helping our people be therapy support from a licensed provider Mind, a voluntary, whole human well-being their best every day. We continue to break the program developed in partnership with Thrive stigma surrounding mental health by fostering Calm: A robust mental wellness platform for Global to help our people learn about the a workplace environment where people feel individuals and organizations science behind their brain’s response to stress, Comfort in crisis: comfortable engaging in open, honest dialogue Wysa: An AI-powered chatbot offering and provide tools and techniques to help Equipping Australia with a about mental illness and mental well-being, coping techniques them recharge wherever they are. Available dedicated COVID-19 mental including in response to external stresses such in eight languages, Thriving Mind had more well-being support service as the pandemic, natural disasters and other Virgin Pulse: A fitness and healthy habit than 125,000 participants as 2020 ended. We world events. tracking app are expanding the program in 2021, including Through our Mental Health Ally network, Allies In certain markets, daily live “mindful launching an app that will provide easier access Beyond Blue, a mental health nonprofit serve as ambassadors and advocates who can moment” sessions are also offered to help and new tools for our people. It will include an organization, partnered with Accenture and help colleagues facing mental health challenges our people unplug, connect and build their e-learning course, Thriving Together: Building Medibank to co-design the strategy of a new, find the support they may need. In 2020, our mental resilience. Resilience and Belonging. 24/7 digital mental health service created to Mental Health Ally network expanded to nearly help Australians cope with depression and 7,000 members across every country where Nearly five years ago, we became one of the first anxiety in the wake of the pandemic. The we operate. Our new Mental Health Essentials corporate partners of Thrive Global, a behavior dedicated national digital service has been training helps our people understand the signs change technology company on science-based accessed nearly 600,000 times. that a colleague needs help, how to have a solutions to lower stress and enhance well- conversation about mental health and the being and productivity. Thrive has enabled us steps to take to support someone in need. to deliver customized workshops that help our people not only achieve a sense of belonging Learn more United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020 | 18

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