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Corporate governance and diversity; ESG matters; risk management, highlights including data privacy and security; and Board composition and structure. As reflected in our Corporate Governance We have a history of strong corporate Guidelines, our independent Lead Director is governance and believe that good governance available for consultation and has communicated is critical to achieving long-term shareholder directly with major shareholders at their request. value. We are committed to governance The feedback received from our shareholder practices and policies that serve the long-term outreach efforts is communicated to and interests of Accenture and our shareholders, as considered by the Board, and our engagement outlined in our 2020 Proxy Statement. activities have produced valuable feedback that helps inform our decisions and our strategy, Shareholder engagement when appropriate. We maintain an ongoing, proactive shareholder outreach program. Throughout the year, members of our Investor Relations team and leaders of our business engage with our shareholders to seek their input, to remain well informed regarding their perspectives and to help increase their understanding of our business. In particular, we leverage these discussions to cover topics of interest to our shareholders. As outlined in our Proxy, 2020 engagement topics included: our commitment to our people; our culture, including inclusion Yonathan, Managing Director – Technology, SAP, Data Management, Washington D.C., United States United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020 | 60

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