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The Metaverse Overview : Vision, Technology, and Tactics | Vision and Values Figure11: The entrance to virtual reality Elements in Virtual WorldLow Difficulty of Merging HighOccasions to Enter Digital ToolsDevice Connection the Metaverse Signal Virtual EconomyVirtual Personal Voice Interaction Transition Virtual Virtual Transaction Rules, Production SystemVirtual Governance PersonalEye TrackingSignalVR GlassesVR Gloves EnvironmentInstitutionsCurrencyPersonal CreationSystemMotion Capture Virtual ObjectVirtual PeopleVirtual SocietyVirtual EnterpriseVirtual CivilizationHome, Private VR Helmet VR Armor Metavers Code IdentificationIdentificationSocial MediaProduction SystemLanguage, Customs, CultureWorkplaceHaptic Interaction Production Rules … Social Value Virtual NFTCivilization Competition for Signal Unified Coding Rules & Identification SystemSupports RulesExchangeRealityCopyrightRules GovernancePublicBCI Hearing Touching Transition e Equipment Coding Wireless Natural People SocietyEnterprise Production Civilization provided by Seeing Smelling Brain rd ObjectPeopleSystemSystem3 parties Tasting -computer Natural InstitutionsEconomic SystemPersonal Production Governance EnvironmentSystemSystemSource: Deloitte analysis Elements in Real Worldworld elements, people, avatars, to apply brain-computer interface Kill roleplaying. We illustrate these currencies, and activities will flow freely technology, which transmits electrical occasions below. between these different spaces and and biogenic signals directly to the worlds, realizing information flows and human brain, achieving real-time, The Metaverse is evolving in two a virtual space-time shuttle. barrier-free information exchange. dimensions: from the real to the virtual and virtual to the real. From People will participate freely in the In terms of business models, there are real to virtual involves real scenes Metaverse with a specific digital two occasions to enter the Metaverse. superimposed on immersive digital identity they use to interact with the One is a personal occasion, in which experience, including virtual education, real world. people at home, in the office, or the virtual training, and virtual malls. In natural environment can enter the virtual to real, the virtual world extends The entrance to virtual reality virtual world through virtual-real into reality. For example, virtual game There are two entrances to the interaction tools, various XR devices. Niantic Lightship promotes social Metaverse through virtual-real The second is a public occasion, where interactions by designing scenarios interaction: the first is to apply digital a third party provides an entrance including real-world map positioning, tools, including portable and wearable to the Metaverse, akin to personal environment and object recognition AR/VR devices, and the second is KTV huts in shopping malls or Script and judgment, and real-time interactive sharing. Figure12: Six characteristics of the Metaverse Metaverse Six Characteristics vs Internet Immersive Experience Eye, Nose, Mouth, Tongue, Body Virtual Mirror Complete World System Natural & Social Environment, To simulate reality Civilization & Governance System Real World User-Generated Content UGC Virtual Native Real Estate Economics, A complete Huge Economic Value Digital Artwork virtual world New Regulation Decentralization Big Uncertainty Competition for Governance Source: Deloitte analysis 15

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