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The Metaverse Overview : Vision, Technology, and Tactics | Technology vision, hearing, and touch, and realizing Content and technology are the two such as games, social networking, the input and output of information current bottlenecks in XR. and film and television. Application in the Metaverse through motion scenarios including virtual offices and capture. In somatosensory realization, Many manufacturers have invested fitness have begun to deepen, but visual and auditory simulation heavily in VR/AR hardware, but for the coverage, quantity, and quality of interaction is currently the most large-scale consumer application, other application scenarios still need advanced technology in the virtual equipment remains expensive to be improved. On the world's most space. Simulations of smell, touch, and and beset by a poor sense of use, mainstream VR content platform, ideas (human thinking) have started. environmental restrictions, poor Steam, for example, VR games are Simulated taste, a synthesis of multiple portability, compatibility restrictions, its most popular products but only senses, has not yet been achieved. and short battery life. account for 8% of total content. In addition, content developing slowly Overall development of XR technology, High-quality content, the endogenous and the number of VR users has not having bottomed out over the past way to attract users, will drive the yet attained scale, which exacerbated three or four years, is entering another development of hardware and the this slow development and led to period of high-speed growth. overall Metaverse industry. At present, content falling to keep pace with VR content is not mature, and remains hardware advances. dominated by application scenarios Figure22: XR bottlenecks Less user content high physical price discomfort slow low low content Content amount device Terminals Space development of compatibility restrictions content short Poor poor battery portability quality life Source: Deloitte analysis Blockchain Blockchain technology has entered requirements, blockchain struggles Blockchain has developed steadily. After the NFT stage, heralding an era of to meet demand. Most notably, given an early stage of exploration, market digital content capitalization. The main blockchains are distributed systems, preparation, and recognition, it has difficulties in blockchain development bottlenecks in throughput, confirmation entered industrial deployment, most are technical bottlenecks and regulatory delay, and storage costs have restricted commonly in the financial sector. In the compliance challenges. their application. These bottlenecks Metaverse, blockchain and NFTs will contradict one another, making them resolve problems around ownership Technology difficult to overcome simultaneously. and identification of production and Finance and e-government have For application scenarios like assets in the Metaverse. adopted blockchain technology. In other the Metaverse, there are higher business scenarios with relatively high requirements for speed, throughput, 27

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