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The Metaverse Overview : Vision, Technology, and Tactics | Vision and Values Figure18: The five major Metaverse bottlenecks 1. Portability of Access to Virtual World At this stage, the main application scenarios of the Metaverse are mostly for display. Application entry remains immature and inconvenient Applica- tion 2. Metaverse Rules Creation Normal operation of the economic and social systems of the Metaverse requires a series of rules and institutions to support it Supervi- 3. Industrial Application sion At present, the Metaverse is mainly used in entertainment, games, and other fields, which lack entry points and a focus on deep integration with production. There has yet to be demonstration and benchmarking application on the production side 4. Data Security & Privacy Protection Technol- The scale of data in the Metaverse will increase exponentially, involving a large amount of ogy personal privacy information, and data collection and use must be controlled 5. Metaverse Energy Supply Stable operation of the Metaverse is inseparable from the support of data centers, computing power centers, network equipment, and communication base stations. Operation of this infrastructure requires a large supply of energy, which needs to be green and low-carbon Source: Public information, Deloitte analysis 22

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