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Our approach (continued) Our progress 1.3M cubic meters In FY21, Microsoft invested in replenishment projects that are expected to generate over 1.3 million cubic meters of volumetric benefits, bringing us to 21 replenishment projects to date in nine water basins across the globe. 670M liters of water benefit Our programs with account for over 670 mi llion liters 9 of water benefit per year in areas facing water scarcity and climate challenges that overlap with our business operations in strategic locations. Water access for >95,000 people Through our partnership with , we prov ided more than 95,000 10 people with access to safe water or sanitation. 116 grantees Through AI for Earth, Microsoft has supported 116 projects that create data-driven solutions supporting water resources monitoring, modeling, and management centered around water. U.S. Water Prize In 2021, Microsoft was awarded the U.S. Water Prize for Outstanding Private Sector Organization for adopting our water positive program and committing to being water positive by 2030. Democratizing access to w ater data Microsoft, in collaboration with BlackRock and WRI India, supported the Wave2Web Hackathon to help develop new datasets on water stress in emerging markets and improve predictive modeling for better planning of water resources and risk preparedness in cities. A year of progress and impact to get to water positive by 2030. 46

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