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Most people from outside Japan had a tough time saying Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo or ‘Sony’ was the name born from this thinking. It crossed the Latin word sonus, from which Totsuko, and we couldn’t push a product with an unpronounceable name. In a strategy ‘sound’ and ‘sonic’ are derived, with the English diminutive ‘sonny’, suggesting a fledgling discussion that still has resonance today, it was decided that the name should be company of young people who made up for in energy what they lacked in size. simple, highly memorable, have immediate impact, and transcend language barriers. In 1955, Akio Morita came to the U.S. for the first time, carrying his products in high spirits and ready to build the foundations of the company on the Sony name. 1 p. 6 Each company builds its own brand identity because building a identities are the basis of how we, as people, relate to each other. We hang out with the personalities that we like, that make us laugh, that appeal to us. The foundation of Sony’s identity begins with the foundation name, and is built by a foundation of four f ixed elements. These are: the Sony logo, the open frame, Sony black, and the tagline.

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