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foundation In 1973, design director Norio Ohga drew the version of the Sony logo that is still in use today. In order to mark the 35th anniversary of the company in 1981, there was a proposal within Sony to introduce a new logo. As ideas flooded in from all over the world, Ibuka decided that none of the designs were better than the Ohga original. 1.1 p. 7 A logo is the central visual cue that we all use to Sony logo identify a brand. It is the symbol of a company’s personality. Everywhere the logo shows up, it must act and behave the same way so consumers recognize us and can trust that the relationship they are building is sound and secure. The Sony logo is the heart and soul of this company. Since 1973, it has stood f irm because of its timeless- ness and careful stewardship. It is our biggest asset and must constantly be given protection and prominence. All communication must stress Sony above all else.

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