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foundation 1.2 p. 12 The amazement of the Sony brand will come to life within open the open frame. Most of the communication that comes from our competition looks and feels the same way because it uses full-bleed page layouts. The open frame creates an area set apart from the page where product and message slide frame onto the page seamlessly, inspiring people about how Sony’s ingenuity and creativity can enrich their lives. ® Sony VAIO notebook frames your interface to the world of ® information and communication. Sony Cyber-shot camera frames the pictures you are making. And Sony BRAVIA™ HDTV is itself a single black frame, housing a world of visual excitement. We use the open frame because it gives both prominence to the Sony logo and captures the moment of discovery for the viewer. These guides should be followed where possible, however the system is flexible and should be matched with best judgement when creating communication pieces.

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